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2011 VSML Season

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2011 Virtual Soccer Micronational League

Official Logo for the 2011 VSML Season
Tournament details
Dates August 9 - August 21
Teams 19 (from 4 confederations)
Venue(s) random.org
Final positions
Champions Better flag ultamiya.pngUltamiya
Runners-up 25pxLongarnia
Third place Flag of Mercury.pngMercury
Fourth place Secundomia Official Flag.jpgSecundomia
Tournament statistics
Matches played 65
Goals scored 324 (4.98 per match)
Attendance (0 per match)
Top scorer(s) DPRT.png Tiana (13 goals)

The 2011 VSML Season is the second season of the Virtual Soccer Micronational League, and the first under it's current format. The competition is commenced on August 9, 2011, and is due to end on August 21, 2011. The competition began with with the Preliminary Round, and is due to finish with a final.


Preliminary Round

Main article, See: 2011 VSML Season - Preliminary Round

The Preliminary Round for the 2011 VSML Season started on August 9, 2011, and ended on August 11, 2011. Each Preliminary Group contained four teams (except for Group E, which contained three teams), with the winner of each group advancing to the Premier Division, the Runner-up advancing to Division 1, third place advancing to Division 2, and the bottom teams of groups A to D advancing to Division 3.

Group A
Teamv · d · e
Pld Pts
Flag of Mercury.pngMercury 3 6
Tfoeflag.pngErephisia 3 6
link={{{2}}}Los Bay Petros 3 3
Flag-of-Juclandia.pngJuclandia 3 3
Group B
Teamv · d · e
Pld Pts
25pxLongarnia 3 7
25pxVon Stengel 3 4
Senyaflag.pngDES Senya 3 3
25pxAppalachia 3 3
Group C
Teamv · d · e
Pld Pts
Secundomia Official Flag.jpgSecundomia 3 9
Noflag.pngNew Roman Republic 3 4
CR Dallingrad.pngDallingrad 3 4
FCP flag.pngPristinia 3 0
Group D
Teamv · d · e
Pld Pts
DPRT.pngTiana 3 4
Pambia.pngPambia 3 4
Newflag.pngIskwan 3 4
RND flag.png New Dale 3 4
Group E
Teamv · d · e
Pld Pts
Better flag ultamiya.pngUltamiya 2 4
HandsProjectionFlagofDian.pngDian 2 2
Southminsterrocflag.jpgSouthminister ROC 2 1

Round 1

Premier Division

Teamv · d · e
Pld Pts
Secundomia Official Flag.jpgSecundomia 1 3
25pxLongarnia 1 3
Better flag ultamiya.pngUltamiya 0 0
Flag of Mercury.pngMercury 1 0
DPRT.pngTiana 1 0


  Flag of Mercury.png 25px Secundomia Official Flag.jpg DPRT.png Better flag ultamiya.png
Mercury Flag of Mercury.png Date Date Date Date
Longarnia 25px Date Date Date
Secundomia Secundomia Official Flag.jpg Date Date
Tiana DPRT.png Ultamiya Better flag ultamiya.png




Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Knock-Out Rounds

  Semifinals Final
August 19 - random.org
 25pxLongarnia  3  
 Flag of Mercury.pngMercury  2  
August 21 - PES
     25pxLongarnia  1
   Better flag ultamiya.pngUltamiya  3
Third place
August 19 - random.org August 20 - random.org
 Secundomia Official Flag.jpgSecundomia  0  Flag of Mercury.pngMercury  3
 Better flag ultamiya.pngUltamiya  2    Secundomia Official Flag.jpgSecundomia  1

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