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The current date is
28 January 2015

Events by month










  • 7th - Sirocco acquires the Territory of Stirling.
  • 13th - Schalamzaar Empire has declared existence officially, and declared this day Independence Day
  • 29th - The army of the Allandus Regime was created, named the 'Allandus National Gaurd' (ANG)







List of micronations

Nation (start of year) Months Nation (end of year)
01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12
Adammia Adammia
Allandus Regime Allandus Regime
Antiquitian Empire Antiquitian Empire
Austenasia Austenasia
Dale-Westland Dale-Westland
Dallingrad Dallingrad
Deseret Deseret
East Butte, Republic of East Butte, Republic of
Eleftheria Eleftheria
Erephisia Erephisia
Fireland Fireland
Flandrensis Flandrensis
Florenia Florenia
Francisville Francisville
Kingdom of Giovalen Kingdom of Giovalen
Indokistan Indokistan
Juclandia Juclandia
Kingdom of New Texas Kingdom of New Texas
Karisradd Civility of Kaisland
Landashir Landashir
Lewisham USLSSR
Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan
Livonia Livonia
Los Bay Petros Los Bay Petros
Lundenwic Lundenwic
Lycem Lycem
Militarmia Militarmia
Kingdom of Mouzilo Democratic Republic of Mouzilo
Myrotania Myrotania
Nemkhavia Nemkhavia
New Europe New Europe
New Wessex New Wessex
Prsänëa Prsänëa
Pannonia Pannonia
Renasia Renasia
Sabia and Verona Sabia and Verona
Saint Luke and Amager Saint Luke and Amager
San Andreas Urbonia
Republic of Suntrain Republic of Suntrain
Schwanensee Schwanensee
Senya Senya
Sirocco Sirocco
St.Charlie St.Charlie
William Ranger St.John
Tavadia Tavadia
Theodia, Kingdom of Theodia, Republic of
Überstadt Überstadt
Ultamiya Ultamiya
Ultamiya Michrenia
Ultamiya Gogania
Ultamiya Varina
Westland Dale-Westland
Wyvern Wyvern
Zealandia Zealandia

National leaders

  • link={{{2}}} Imperial Grand Duchy of Lundenwic
    • Imperial Grand Duke - Julian I, Imperial Grand Duke of Lundenwic (2013 - present)
    • Prime Minister - Lord General Michael Lewis, Prime Minister of Lundenwic (2013 - present)

  • Better flag ultamiya.png Republic of Ultamiya
    • President of the Republic - David Salapa (2010 - 2013)
    • Vice President of the Republic - Michael Salapa (2012 - 2013)
    • Viceroy of Shimate - Katherine Salapa (2010 - 2013)
    • Viceroy of Michrenia - Renee Salapa (2012 - 2013)
    • Viceroy of Gogania - Gary Goga (2013)

  • link={{{2}}} Democratic People's Republic of Urbonia
    • President - Migs Caldeo (May 7, 2012 - present)
    • Prime Minister - None
    • President of the Assembly (defunct position as of February 21, 2013) -
      1. Philip Lacerna (October 12, 2012 - January 11, 2013, January 24, 2013 - February 4, 2013)
      2. Elijah Pelaez (February 4, 2013 - February 21,2013)
    • Supreme Chief of the People's Court -
      1. Elijah Pelaez (July 27, 2012 - September 28, 2012)
      2. Francis Kalaw (September 28, 2012 - January 24, 2013)
      3. Mel Policarpio (January 24, 2013 - present)