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Antarctican Soviet Socialist Republic

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Antarctican SSR
ASSR flag.png

"Through the snow we go for the Motherland"
East/South Antarctica
Capital city Cahillgrad
Largest city Cahillgrad
Official language(s) English, Serbian
Demonym Antarctic Soviet
Government Socialist Republic
- President Alex Whitmarsh
Legislature None
Established August 13th, 2010
Area claimed Eastern/Southern Antarctica.
Population 0
Currency USLSSR Ruble

The Antarctican SSR (ASSR) is a part of the USLSSR located in Antarctica. It was created on the 13th of August 2010. The government hope to join the AMU to gain recognition for the ASSR from the micronational community.

The capital of the ASSR is Cahillgrad named after the first General Secretary of the USLSSR, Rory Cahill, currently the permanent population is zero as it is inhospitable to most but the government believe it has potential.


After Victoria Land was claimed by the USLSSR, Istoria declared war and after 2 days of war a peace deal was struck. Second War for Victoria Land.