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Astor Impora

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Astor Impora
Imperial City
Cathair Impirúil
Astor Impora Flag.jpg
Home of the Will of the People
Nation Nemkhav Federation
Republic Central Nemkhav Republic
Mayor Governed directly
Largest District Federal District

Astor Impora (eng: Imperial City) was the capital and largest city of the Nemkhav Federation. First established on the 31st of July 2009, it was the cultural centre and heart of Nemkhavia, having been the very first annexed territory upon the beginning of Nemkhav nationhood.

The city had been a part of nearly every major event in the history of the nation, seeing many historical events taking place within its bounds.

It survived through every incarnation of Nemkhavia, moving from Imperial control to Federal control as the states changed. It survived until the President, Marka Meehan, changed renamed the capital creating Astor Christiania.


When Nemkhavia was founded, the very first territory it possessed was the building which became known as the Palace. When the nation was proclaimed on July 31st 2009, then-Premier Marka Mejakhansk did so from the new Senate chamber in the largest room of the building. Astor Impora was, at that time, the extent of Nemkhav territory. As the then Imperial Republic found it's feet and expanded, the city grew outwards.

When the Nemkhav Federation was announced on the 28th of August 2009, the announcement was made on the steps of the Palace, a tradition which would carry on to this day. The steps have seen many annoucements and events, such as the vigil on the eve of the Vote on the Nemkhav Nation 2009, and the proclaimation of the SFR.

The city remained capital of Nemkhavia during the sometimes-turbulent months of the SUNP and the following Republic of Nemkhavia. When the SFR Nemkhavia was refounded in mid 2010, the city was once again confirmed as the central seat of Government and the home of the people.

Upon the revelation that Nemkhavia as the community knew it was but a fantasy nation, Astor Impora became one of two remaining territories of Nemkhavia as it made its way through the nations of A1 and Egtavia. The city serves still as the capital of the Nemkhav nation. When the President returned from the Province of Novomir, Mark Meehan decided it was time for a change, so, he decided to create a new city-state and settle the capital there, he called it: Astor Christiania


The city was located in the middle of the Central Nemkhav Republic and was made of up urban areas with a stretch of grassland and some trees.


The climate of the city was the same as Greater Nemkhavia. Wet conditions were commonplace throughout much of the year, though it was generally warm in summer. The city was also very vulnerable to icey conditions, due to it's position on the side of the Wicklow Mountains. The hills in the city cause travel to be quite dangerous when ice forms on the paths and roads. Highest temperatures could reach anything up to 27°C, with lowest temperatures being roughly -6°C.


The city was not built very high, with all its buildings being no more than three stories high (The Old Palace itself was only two stories high). It blended beautifully into the residential areas nearby, as building styles in the city were very much the same. The streets were wide and very accessible by automobile. Places of note include:

The Old Palace

The Old Palace was the most important building in Nemkhavia, as it was the home of the President and his family. Part of the Palace was also used to house the Federal Assembly, which meets in the Assembly Chamber, better known by it's original name, the Senate Chamber (former home to the Senate of the Imperial Republic and the Senate of the Nemkhav Federation). The Palace was decorated in early 1920's style, with the foyer resembling that of an early 20th century hotel. The Senate Chamber itself was decorated with pictures of figures of importance in the Nemkhav nation. At night, the Chamber was lit with ambient lighting so it could be used as both an official space, and a place for relaxation.

The upper floor of the Palace was referred to as The Royal Suite and was the home to the President of the Federation and the private residence of the First Family. Entrance into this area was strictly controlled at all times, to ensure the privacy of the President's family.

The Blue Gate

The Blue Gate was both the main entrance to the city, and the main entrance to Nemkhav-Skajacka as a whole. It was a wide avenue, able to accommodate the traffic that comes and goes each day. It was seen as the ceremonial entrance to the City, used when events take place.

Empress Khrisinka Grand Imperial Gardens

The Grand Imperial Gardens were directly in front of the Old Palace. They were symbolic, being perfectly manicured and carefully monitored.


The city was the official seat of the Nemkhav Federation Government. At this local level, the city was divided into two districts: The Federal District (home to the Old Palace) and the Residential District. The city itself was represented by one seat in the House of Territories.