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Aynvaul Imperial Government

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Note Although being affiliated with micronationalism, self declared Aynvauls consider their identity a legitimate culture and the Aynvaul Imperial Government does do its best to promote, protect, and distinguish Aynvish culture.

Aynvaul Imperial Government
AIG Flag.JPGCeltica.jpg

Ain Baille! Fadainysi!! (Old Aynvish: Our Home! Long Island!!)
"Celtic Women: The Voice" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_TbAw72gm4&feature=related
Fadainysi3.JPG Roaming the lands of Fadainysi, or Long Island, United States]
Capital city None(Controls no settlements)
Largest city None(Controls no settlements)
Official language(s) English, American Sign Language, Modern Kaisii(alphabet), Old Aynvish.
Official religion(s) Druidtry, Atheism, Christianity(all)
Short name Aynvaul
Government Absolute Monarchy
Ace Diplomat Mike Castor(?)/Ace General Nick Epper(?)
- Impire I Aynvaul Impire Gordon Robert Charles Gray III
Established Officially: February 27th, 2012 (Constitution Still Pending)
Area claimed Claimed Approx. 1/3 of Martian Lands
Population < 10"&lt; 10" cannot be used as a page name in this wiki. < 10 as of 2012 census
Currency U.S Dollar, Aynvish Wood Shilling(as of February 27th, 2013)
Time zone EST
National animal Osprey/Golden Eagle
This nation is a member of the ? Considering PoliNation


The Aynvaul Imperial Government is a the Cultural government to the Aynvaul Nation. It was declared/established on February 27, 2012 by the current Impire. The cultural government is also known as the Aynvaul Imperial Government(AIG), Imperial Government, and the Aynvish National Government. Although it can be labelled as a micronation, and has in the past, it considers itself to be a legitimate cultural government. The Aynvauls are of few Celtic nations in the Americas to use a self attributed name to distinguish themselves from similar identities and to give a name to the culture they feel part of. The "Y Wladfa" of Patagonia, being one of the other Celtic Nation(s), in the Americas to also have a self attributed name. The Culture it represents is real, though small the identity does exist.

  • Note any data or list on this page is not in alphabetical order.



"Aynvaul" originates from the term "Ain Baille", which means 'Our Home'. Over time the name has mutated into Aynvaul.


"Fadainysi" is a term that some Aynvauls, if not many, use to describe Long Island and some nearby Islands. It is part of the cultural identity of Aynvaullic culture. And interesting enough one of two possible surviving terms to be remnants of what could be an Aynvish Language.


On August 20th 2012, The AIG declared itself a Nomadic Cultural Government, and had started making steps to becoming an unrecognized nomad government. Primarily seeking out relations with Unrecognized states, current and ex. Unlike most Nations, micro or not, Aynvaul is willing to recognize Simulationist States such as Uantir, so as long as that state recognizes the Aynvual culture, government, and claims. Despite its highly inactive parliament and Aceship, Aynvaul continues to be some what successful in Foreign affairs.


Aynvaul is perhaps the youngest self declared Celtic Nation in the world. It's history only stretches as far back as the Mid 1800's. It is not clear to the exact history of the earlier forms of Aynvish culture. Aynvallic Culture is one of the last surviving endemic Celtic Cultures of Long Island, much of it's identity was destroyed and forgotten by the Early 20th century, perhaps the only surviving wide spread trait of the Early Aynvauls is perhaps Long Island's sense of separation and alternate identity from New York and the Mainland.

Although it is arguably a micronation, those who consider themselves as true Aynvauls, consider it a national identity. Up until late 2009, the idea of Aynvaul, and the Celts of Long Island, was rather unheard of until a curios individual stumbled upon the 'identity'. Up until late 2011, the name Aynvaul didn't even exist, the culture didn't even have a name (probably the reason why the earlier forms died off in the first place), so attributing the culture with the name of Aynvaul, and several traits of the earlier forms. Modern Aynvish Culture was born and has been slowly growing since. The name of the individual was Gordon Robert Charles Gray III, who would later become the first and Current Impire of the Aynvaul Imperial Government.

Under the Impire's command, the AIG has been successful in multiple diplomatic matter and has hopes of opening talks with more respectable, more known, unrecognized states and nations in the future. The Impire is privately working on adapting the Gaulish Caligny Calendar to be used by proud Aynvish individuals. The current model is reliant on the lunar cycle. Theoretically one can tell if the month is near end, beginning, or mid cycle simply by looking up into the sky. While certain aspects will be changed, such as the sunset to sunset marks the day rather than midnight to midnight, the Gaulish Caligny Calendar uses the sunset to sunset concept while the Aynvish adaption will be more like the Gregorian calendar in the midnight to midnight. In addition to this, as of November 30th 2012, the Imperial Government officially became an Absolute Monarchy until the Aceship and Parliament's activity is restored.

Government and politics

The Aynvaul Imperial Government was once an Imperial Gastracy, a form of Constitutional-like form of government in which the Impire(monarch) has all major power, but shares some power with an Aceship(duo advisory), whom enforce the Impire's will. Power is also shared with a Parliament that in the case of Aynvaul is highly inactive. The Government of Aynvaul is basically split into two branches, one dealing with Diplomacy and the other dealing with Military. All must answer to the Impire, the Aceship can make decisions but only after confermation with the Impire himself. But as of November 30th, 2012; the Imperial Government officially became an Absolute Monarchy due to absence of a legitimate Aceship. Howecer the Impire plans to restore the Gastracy so that Aynvaul can once again claim to be the world's only Imperial Gastracy.

The Impire, to the Aynvaul nation, serves or acts similar to that of a High King would for more ancient Celtic Kingdoms would in the British Isles. Impire, is actually Irish for 'emperor', this title name was chosen due to the fact that the Impire holds most power in the AIG, formaly a Gastracy, this is a large deal due to the fact that Gastracies tend to give most power to the Aceship above all else. Hense this title is a big deal in terms of power. Emperors tend to be in a powerful position, so naturally 'Impire' became the term for the Aynvish Monarch. However this may not be true for whom ever inherits the thrown to Aynvaul.

Although not yet official, the Impire's brother, Eric, was declared the current heir to the Aynvish thrown. Ensuring that the 'Gray Dynasty' not be limited to a single Impire.

Diplomatic Ministry

Once the most notable part of the many Aynvish Ministries, the Diplomatic Ministry has the honor and burden of the responsibilities and blames of Aynvaul's current relations with other nations as a result of Diplomacy. Due to failure on the Ministries part with talks to Ruratania; the Impire has decided it should be best that he not sign all Ministry messages, but rather the Ministry have a signature all of its own.

Kaisii Ogham

Along with a unique government, some members within the Aynvaul Imperial Government, are either familiar with or actively use a unique form of ogham, known as Kaisii Ogham, like many other aspects of Aynvaul identities, the modern form is very different from the original, infact The Impire'I Aynvaul suspects that Old Kaisii, aside from the numeral system, was almost completely identical to the one that Druids may have used. Modern Kaisii, has many characters; it has almost triple the characters of common ogham, and has approximately 6 more characters than the Latin Alphabet most cultures associate with Western cultures. The Reason why is that more Aynvauls speak English than any Celtic Languages, so Modern Kaisii had to be able to be written in both Germanic(English) and Celtic(Irish Gaelic & Aynvish) Languages. Kaisii Ogham is used in Official Aynvish Documents, mainly to preserve culture and deter any unwanted readings.

Law and order

Although the Aynvaul Imperial Government does not control or claim any land on earth, the AIG is working on plans to enforce any laws if it ever has lands to enforce it's laws on.

Foreign relations

The AIG has or is in the process of having the following relations with the Following Entities

  • Note this list is in chronological order, not alphabetical.


((Mutual Recognition))


((Mutual Recognition))


((Mutual Recognition))


((Mutual Recognition/and Informal Allience))


-Aynvaul consider's Lostisland a true and trustworthy friend and the Impire fully respects Lostisland's government leader. ((Mutual Recognition/and Non-Binding Allience/talks in progress))


No Official Relations (Talks Held)

A Modern Aztec Tribe

((To the best of our knowledge we do have Mutual Recognition with this Tribe))


((Mutual Recognition))-more data pending about Uantir


((Unknown)) -talks to open


((Mutual Recognition)) ((Non-Aggression Agreement))

Templar Kingdom

Officially None ((Talks withdrawn with Impire's consent))

More Pending


Other than a collection of strategists and mercenaries, aynvaul has no trained military, for reasons of convenience.

Geography and climate

Long Island is a temperate island, it's geography gives it a milder winter and summer as compared to the mainland.


Currently the Aynvaul Imperial Government does not have it's own currency, and many Aynvauls use US dollars in all currency transactions otherwise. And with no land for such coin to be legal tender in, there currently is no reason for the AIG to create one otherwise. Though despite this, the AIG is attempting to create an Aynvish Coin to promote culture.


Aynvallic Culture is an Celtic Diaspora culture, that is currently endemic to Long Island. It is the only Celtic culture in the americas to have a self attributed name. It shares many traits with Irish Gaelic, and Welsh culture. The New Aynvish Language(or Ainbae), part of the AIG's revival project, may develop to be a dialect of Irish Gaelic with some welsh trait. At one time the Aynvauls were known only by there Fire Parties. These Aynvallic Fire Parties were reclusive despite their massive size. With a center fire about the size of a small barn, Sports, War Circles, and War Paints, these random celebrations would of been quite the sight. Because of the organization in secrecy of these events... it is speculated that an earlier form of the AIG may of existed at one time.

Prided Aynvauls will occasionally engrave a version of the Aynvaul Crest into a wooden plate(usually cut right from firewood) and place that to display on either a wall or fireplace. Aynvaullic Culture itself, notably respects and honors tree's; almost all Aynvauls will refer so Long Island and some nearby islands as Fadainysi.

Cultural Revival

Aynvaull's Unstarred Flag.png Proposed Aynvaul Cultural Flag (Most Favored)

Although being a Diaspora Culture, the AIG focuses the majority of it's time either looking for documents and finds that distinguishes Aynvallic Culture as being a new Celtic Culture with its own proud identity, separate from it's ancestral Gaelic and Brythonic cultures (Irish & Welsh). Aynvauls are often described as "Proud Pyros", likely for their affiliation for fire, and sense of pride for their "Aynvallic Fire Parties". Since Aynvallic Culture is a Celtic culture and did have an historical identity although lost forever, this isn't stopping the AIG from attempting a cultural revival, but like the Cumbric Celtic Revival, all attempts for large scale success have failed, although some minor success has been declared but not noticed. Lately the AIG has been working on reviving Aynvish, but it might have to remake the language entirely.

Recently the Imperial Government has been taking steps to adapting the 'Coligny Calendar' to modern Aynvish use. Since the Impire has reason to believe it was made by Gaulish/Gallic Druids in an attempt to preserve Celtic customs, the calendar may serve well as a cultural calendar. The Adapted Aynvish version will be using Common Era year but will maintain the Celtic months in it. Production had started with the first month, "Samanios", and hopefully will be printed out soon.


Recently the AIG has completed it's official website. Though further development will be needed. The AIG may also attend the 2015 PoliNation in Vegas, though this is unknown at this time.

Contact Us(For Diplomatic Use Only)

If you wish to open diplomatic relation with Aynvaul's Imperial Government, send us a formal letter, make sure the subject is "Diplomatic", and your letter will be received by the Diplomatic Ministry, our government's email is: aynvaulimperialgovernment@yahoo.com

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