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Aynvaul Imperial Government

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Note Although being affiliated with micronationalism, self declared Aynvauls consider their identity a legitimate culture and the Aynvaul Imperial Government does do its best to promote, protect, and distinguish Aynvish culture from the parent Long Island Irish culture.

Aynvaul Imperial Government
AIG Flag.JPGCeltica.jpg

Knowledge, Honesty, and the Celtic Arts.
"Celtic Women: The Voice" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_TbAw72gm4&feature=related
Western Fadainysi, Fadainysi(Outer Lands Region)
Capital city None(Controls no settlements)
Largest city None(Controls no settlements)
Official language(s) English(Northeastern American Dialect), American Sign Language, Modern Caissic Ogham Alphabet, Old Aynvish.
Official religion(s) Celtic Reconstructionism, Christianity(Predominantly Irish Catholic), Wicca
Demonym Aynvaul, Aynvauls(Numeral), Aynvish(Representitive), Aynvallic(Possessive)
Government Absolute Monarchy
Ace Diplomat (Vacant) /Ace General (Vacant)
- Impire I Aynvaul Impire Gordon Robert Charles Gray III
Established Officially: February 27th, 2012(30/11/2012) (Constitution Still Pending)
Area claimed Claimed Approx. 1/3 of Martian Lands(For study purposes)
Population < 5 < 5 as of 2013 census
Currency U.S Dollar, Bartering(Verb)
Time zone EST
National animal Osprey/Crow/Raven
This nation is a member of the ? Considering PoliNation


Established on February 27th, 2012(27/2/2012) by the current Impire, Gordon RC Gray III, the Aynvaul Imperial Government would remain Diplomatically inactive until the following March when contact with Molossia and various other micronations was established. The current government led by Impire Gordon III considers itself to represent a breakaway culture from Long Island Irish, and claiming the breakaway may have existed as far back as the Mid-1800's. Whether or not this foundation myth is true, Aynvaul has many projects to the very point it is over-cumbered in projects relating to or of promoting the Breakaway foundation of the tiny nation it allegedly represents. An example of success in the development of an identity beyond American Irish is the use of Caissic Ogham, of which contains as many as 45 characters for flexibility. So in some ways the Aynvauls have been successful in their new found identity, however they are not yet truly a separate Celtic nation until they have a very everyday Celtic language of their own, by their own account. A common trait among Aynvauls is an utter dislike of politics and preference to their own paths, unfortunately this one definitive Aynvish trait may have led to the collapse of the Aceship, and everything but all power falling to the Impire by the Late March, 2014. However this may make it easier for the task of entire reinvention of themselves on a national level and leave room for what Impire Gordon III hopes to be a massive influx of Long Island Irish Breakaways to be absorbed into a reinvented Aynvish nation.


"Aynvaul comes from the Old Aynvish phrase, "Ain Baille" which means "Our Home" or "The Home"; Or at least this is the belief. As there is no known real written record of Old Aynvish, it could have been an Irish Slang, a cant dialect of Shelta, or may not of really existed at all. It could be a corruption, of a kind, of "An Bhaile", which does mean "the home" however the change from a "bh" sounding to an "F" or a "V" sounding is hard to swallow. "Ain Baille" was the only phrase that is believed to be of the Old Aynvish language, if it did exist.


Outer Lands copy.jpg

Fadainysi is the collective term Aynvauls use to refer to the Islands south of New England, including Long Island and Eastern Islands such as Martha's Vineyard and sometimes the Cape Cod peninsula, making Fadainysi an Aynvallic name to describe the Outer Lands Region, see [1]. Aynvauls use the term Fadainysi, to refer to the geographical place of Aynvaul as opposed to the political regions of Long Island, New York, and Massachusetts because of their general dislike of politics. So Fadainysi is a national geographical term than political, it is also the name of a female goddess spirit that the Aynvauls feel through the soil, a personification of this geographical term. Fadainysi(Marked in Orange above) is occasionally split up as Eastern and Western Fadainysi; Long Island and several immediate surrounding islands south of Connecticut and Rhode Island as Western Fadainysi, and Martha's Vineyard & Nantucket Island, along with some other immediate islands south of Massachusetts, as Eastern Fadainysi with Block Island acting as the middle of all of Fadainysi.


As of Late, his humbleness Impire Gordon III, son of Gordon II, has assumed all responsibilities of Aynvaul and declared National Reconstruction. Also Aynvaul is no longer accepting diplomatic offers of Recognition, or any other kinds of treaties the Imperial Government previously accepted except under special circumstance or the renewal of previous treaties as of the 1st of July, 2014.

His humbleness, Impire Gordon III, has taken an interest in learning from other Celtic Societies; Particularly the MOCC of which the Impire is a guest on their Facebook group/page.


Aynvish history is split into two main sections, the first being mostly speculative as a very small, probably still Gaelic or Shelta speaking subgroup within the developing Long Island Irish culture after the mass emigrations caused by "An gorta mór", or the great hunger in Ireland. This section of history is a popular target for Aynvallic satires, especially the great hunger, a topic that is often an uncomfortable one with other Irish diaspora groups. Many unconfirmed stories and legends do exist of early Aynvallic history, which not written or reliable, isn't a true history. Of the mythical stories includes Aynvallic Fire Parties, said to have been barn sized and light in remote areas from the North American Spring, beginning in March, to the Late North American Summer, which ends in the late September. Also tales of Aynvallic Stake Toss, a sport that is still played by the Aynvaul Nation and exists as a national sport.

The second segment of Aynvish history is marked with the official establishment of the Aynvish micronation that is in discussion. Established on 27 February 2012 by the current Impire, Gordon RC Gray III, the Aynvaul Imperial Government existed without establishing any contact with other entities other than its own until it first made diplomatic contact with Molossia two or three months after being established, and following Molossia, Aynvaul would make contact with several other Micronations, such as Lostisland and Uantir, both of which Aynvaul enjoys good relations with to this day. This history is marked with an Imperial Gastronic government, complete with an Aceship until November 2012, but claimed to still be an Imperial Gastracy until the end of November 2012, when the Imperial Gastracy was officially abolished due to no Aynvauls willing to take the title for more than a year, making it officially an Absolute Monarchy. In late June, the Impire began to personally send out renewals to all contacts Aynvaul had in the past.

Government and politics

The Aynvaul Imperial Government was once an Imperial Gastracy, a form of Constitutional-like form of government in which the Impire(monarch) has all major power, but shares some power with an Aceship(duo advisory), whom enforce the Impire's will. Power is also shared with a Parliament that in the case of Aynvaul is highly inactive. The Government of Aynvaul is basically split into two branches, one dealing with Diplomacy and the other dealing with Military. All must answer to the Impire, the Aceship can make decisions but only after confermation with the Impire himself. But as of November 30th, 2012(30/11/2012); the Imperial Government officially became an Absolute Monarchy due to absence of a legitimate Aceship. However the Impire plans to restore the Gastracy so that Aynvaul can once again claim to be the world's only Imperial Gastracy, after National Reconstruction.

The Impire, to the Aynvaul nation, serves or acts similar to that of a High King would for more ancient Celtic Kingdoms would in the British Isles. In Aynvaul, the Impire is the Ri of Ris, or in English, the King of Kings. Under the Impire is the numerous tribal Ris or chiefs that actively call themselves Kings and are allowed to. In Aynvaul there are numerous would-be tribes, whose Ris would meet as the Aynvish Parliament, of which the Impire would attend along with the Aceship. Though the Aynvaul population is currently to low to hold an active parliament and aceship.

Although not yet official, the Impire's brother, Eric, was declared the current heir to the Aynvish thrown. Ensuring that the 'Gray Dynasty' not be limited to a single Impire. (Obsolete:Being Revised)

Caissic Ogham

Caissic Ogham, and it's older 'Kaisii Ogham' refers to an Ogham system of 45 or so characters that the Imperial Government as well as the Impire uses in some everyday documents. It used to use a grammar system that often switched the l, f, s, n consonants with the d, t, c, q consonants for what was likely a cant purpose. This practice is now rare in Kaisii's modern Caissic counterpart, but may be seen in some Caissic poetry in its primordial stage. The extra characters serve a purpose of flexibility to allow the alphabet to be written in Non-Celtic languages comfortably, most often in North Eastern American English the native language of the majority of its users. But the characters also behave very Celtic, such as the behavior of the 'c' character to which it never produces an 's' sounding as it's Latin equivalent does. Also of note is the separate 'k' character usually used in names but also is used as a stronger 'k' soundings such as the 'k' sounding in the Greek pronunciation of 'Makedon'.


Law and order

Since the Ainnegi(Imperial Tribe), does not have land in which it holds to administer, enforcement outside the government has been deemed vastly unnecessary. However within the government itself, there is an system of unwritten policies the Aynvaul Imperial Government should follow, policies the Impire hopes to be converted into a written constitution.

Foreign Relations

  • Please note not all relations are listed here.
Flag State/Nation-State Current Diplomatic Status Notes
50px|border Republic of Alanland Mutual Recognition 2012, relations to be renewed. Mutual Recognition Status obsolete due to lack of contact in the last year, believed to still be active.
Bbd.jpg Barakstan Mutual Recognition, Relations to be renewed. Their Status Unknown to us.
Bendera Indokistan 3.png Federal State of Indokistan Mutual Recognition 2012, relations to be renewed. -
border‎ Royal Republic of Ladonia None Talks never fully concluded, were to open 2013.
50px|border Legata Mutual Recognition 2012, Non-Aggression Pact 2012, relations to be renewed. Their status remains Unknown.
Lostislandflag.jpg Federal Republic of Lostisland Unofficial Since 2012 Talks repeatedly held, Their Foreign Ministry has yet to get back to us since 2012.
MOCC.jpg MOCC De-facto -July 2014. Official mutual recognition July 2014. Official relations as of July of 2014.
Molossia flag.png Republic of Molossia Mutual Recognition 2012-current, Relations Renewed June 2014 Unofficial Relations in respect to Molossian Foreign Policy.
- Kingdom of Ruritania Unofficial, Contact in 2012 and 2014 Offended in Impire's insensitive critique on a Ruritanian Microwiki/Wikipedia incident, taken as an insult to the state and refusal to further relations indefinitely. Impire's Note for Diplomatic Ministry, "Their affairs, their policies, therefor their ways..."
Strathan Flag Concept 3.png Communist People's Republic of Strathy Historic Contact 2012, Mutual Recognition & Informal Alliance 2013 (Defunct) "Now part of New Westphalia"
UKBKTHG- flag kingdom.jpg Templar Kingdom None, Talks withdrawn by Impire's Request Unknown
Crest of Uantir - Forum Logo Size - By Rachael Calkins.jpg Uantir Contact 2012, Pact being written. Active Friendly Contact
50px|border ? An Aztec Tribe ? Contact 2012 Uncertain if said tribe exists


Other than a collection of strategists and mercenaries, Aynvaul has no trained military, for reasons of convenience.

Geography and climate

The Aynvauls predominantly reside on Long Island(Western Fadainysi) which is a temperate island, its geography gives it a milder winter and summer as compared to the mainland.


Currently the Aynvaul Imperial Government does not have it's own currency, and many Aynvauls use US dollars in all currency transactions otherwise. And with no land for such coin to be legal tender in, there currently is no reason for the AIG to create one otherwise. Though despite this, the AIG is attempting to create an Aynvish Coin to promote culture. Although, much like its parent American Irish culture, many Aynvauls are willing to barter in absence of currency, a practice that can be traced back to Ireland and other Celtic lands. Otherwise they rely heavily on the US and local Economy.


Mondachtry, is the Aynvallic branch of Celtic Neopaganism, or Druidtry, that is based around the idea of an eventual divine insight that will come from the Otherworld and enlighten the Mondachs of the specific unwritten practices of the ancient Celts. One note in behavior is that Mondachs use the word "druid" in its class or caste meaning rather than its recent religious usage. Mondachs appear to worship deities specifically rather than gods and goddesses as a whole. The word Mondach has a clear connection with the Irish word "Miondach" which means minority or a select few. Sovereignty also seems to be of importance to this small sect of Celtic Pagans, claiming the goddess Aine has had a significant influence on foundation of Aynvaul.


Aynvallic Culture is an Celtic Diaspora culture, that is currently endemic to Long Island. It is the only Celtic culture in the americas to have a self attributed name. It shares many traits with Irish Gaelic, and Welsh culture. The New Aynvish Language(or Ainbae), part of the AIG's revival project, may develop to be a dialect of Irish Gaelic with some welsh trait. At one time the Aynvauls were known only by there Fire Parties. These Aynvallic Fire Parties were reclusive despite their massive size. With a center fire about the size of a small barn, Sports, War Circles, and War Paints, these random celebrations would of been quite the sight. Because of the organization in secrecy of these events... it is speculated that an earlier form of the AIG may of existed at one time.

Prided Aynvauls will occasionally engrave a version of the Aynvaul Crest into a wooden plate(usually cut right from firewood) and place that to display on either a wall or fireplace. Aynvaullic Culture itself, notably respects and honors tree's; almost all Aynvauls will refer so Long Island and some nearby islands as Fadainysi.

Cultural Reconstruction

Aynvaull's Unstarred Flag.png Proposed Aynvaul Cultural Flag (Most Favored and considered the culture's flag of peace.)

Attempts at adapting a Coligny Calendar for Aynvaul have not received much approved attention however the project has been queued. Aynvish culture is a break away regional culture from American Irish with some Welsh influences. The Cultural symbol of Aynvallic culture is a triskel with three clovers inside a closed circle. The three colours usually associated with that symbol are Blood Red, Emerald Green, and Pure White. There is also a War Flag that has a more complicated style to it but is not seen due to it never being needed.

Aynvish culture often values art and learning above all else, but also takes pride in some sports such as several varieties of stake and javelin throwing, horse shoes, wrestling, and tap dancing.


Most websites started by the Imperial Government usually fail within months. Though further development will be needed. The AIG may also attend the 2015 PoliNation in Vegas, though cancellation of attending is in consideration depending of the circumstance of the time.

Contact Us(For Diplomatic Use Only)

If you wish to open diplomatic relation with Aynvaul's Imperial Government, send us a formal letter, make sure the subject is "Diplomatic", and your letter will be received by the Diplomatic Ministry, our government's email is: aynvaulimperialgovernment@yahoo.com

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  • Note: As Aynvaul is more active in the physical world, and cares to cyberspace secondly, most of these sites are now considered out of date and therefor considerably unreliable.