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Bascal Police Force

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Bascal Police Force
Pasukan Polis Bascal
Polizie Bazcalei.jpg
Logo of B.P.F
Headquarters: Kamp Basca D.C
Strength: 3
Chief Commander: Mohd Sukeri
Jurisdiction: Minister of Defense (Bascal)
Standard Weapon: Water spray, Rubber shotgun
Motto: BPF sedia membantu !
(BPF are ready to help !)
 Bascal Police Force (Malay: Pasukan Polis Bascal Gutaish: Polizie Vurse Bazcalei Bascal Malay: Paskang Polih Baska) or B.P.F for short is the law enforcement agency in the State of Bascal. Before military was abolished, BPF only served as a traffic police in the streets of Kamp Basca D.C and Singapore Street A.D. In 2010, the military has abolished and the government of Bascal replace military to BPF. BPF is currently has 3 personnel and the Chief commander is Mohd Sukeri, who is also the minister of defense. The General of BPF is Amir Syafiq. BPF Headquarters is beside the parliament in Kamp Basca D.C.


The BPF currently has no official uniform. But Singapore Street and Baround Ayers police department must require to wear a Songkok when on duty or other purpose.

Local Departments

Bascal Police Force has 5 Police Departments to control each districts. The local department is: see below

Abbreviation Name
KBDP Kamp Basca District Police
BAPD Baround Ayers Police Department
SSAP Singapore Street Autonomous Police
PPD Paradisa Police Department
ATP Autonomous Teritorry Police


BPF only use bikes to riding around the country. Cars are only use if the destination is more than 80km.

One of the bikes used by B.P.F