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Capital city

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The capital of a nation is usually defined as the city within that nation that the functions of government are centralised. For nations with tiers of government, where some measure of authority is delegated to units smaller than the national level, these units may themselves have capitals. The word may also be used in a less restrictive sense, to denote a city or other locale which a center of some industry or activity; an economic capital, a fishing capital, etc.

In micronations, especially those that are mostly online and that have no secessionist ambitions, the idea of having a capital is less related to an actual need for centralisation in a single place than to the idea that nations naturally have capitals. As such, many online micronations, especially if they're not averse to creating a little fictional background, will claim to have a capital.

List of capitals of micronations

This list should be in alphabetic order of city, not nation!

Micronation Capital State/Territory
Federated Republics of A1 Astolbia Republic of Pontus
Empire of Adammia Imperial City Tytannia
Aerlig Adelwin Auelrict
Amokolia FT Fardia (Govermential) Anun (Provincial) Capadia
Anthelia Helion N/A
Republic of Antica Nafticon Nafticon
Kingdom of Apollo Luna Lime
Arvas Uens Uensfort
Empire of Austenasia Wrythe Greater Wrythe, Royton
Democratic Republic of Austenersey Stevenstown Greater Austenersey
Babkha Kamalshahr Kapitalia
Barrington Barrington Barrington
Bascal Kamp Basca city Kamp Basca District
Brogenia Bayton Lamburn
Bolsvandia Yrolg City Arai
Kingdom of Camuria Godricsun Fara
Caux Baronial Embassy N/A
Cheslovian Federation Musorov Bolkaria
Kingdom of Coleraine Cathair Cánsas Archduchy of Noamh Séamus, Duchies of Noamh Peadar and Noamh Pádraig
Federal Republic of Cyberia Dunkinopolis District of Kerns
Virtual Commonwealth of Cyberia Kernsopolis FDC
Dale Republic Woking City Woking
DES Senya Cat's Corner Cat's Corner Province
Holy Kingdom of Deseret Nauvoo Nauvoo, Deseret
Egtavia, Republic of Prad Capital Province
Eniarku Vicis District 1, Sector 1, Greater Vicis
Empire-Republic_of_Freedomia Freedomtropolis Freedomtropolis
Technological Federation of Erephisia Hauptstadt Sedna
Faryar Éjánstaþ Éjánstaþ
NobleLand King Evan's House
Federated States of Antarctica Terra Nova Antarctic Capital District
Republic of Fortulawl Nesbana Nesbana
Tsarist Empire of Gishabrun Kravat Oblast Kravat Oblast
Grand Commonwealth Sahanshai Tara Commonwealth Capital Territory
Happy Tree Friends Land Violentland Granade
Principality of Harcourt Fort Swartz Swartz Province
Huvaland Woodlands Woodlands
Holy Salanian Empire Lavrada The Capital Province
Iego Governor's House Iego Capital Territory
Federal State of Indokistan Suwarnakarta
Republic of Interland Novograd Capital Island of Novograd
Empire of Iridia Iridia City Tarunis
United Holy Kingdom of Beaulosagñe and the Knights Templar of the Holy Grail Peñiscola Rittermark of Peñiscola
Democratic People's Republic of Kirkland Yatesburg Halmonton
Republic of Kuhugstan Kasbarpolis Torkhastan
Crown Principality of Landashir Sycamore-Booker Sycamore Booker District
Lurk Federation Redwood Redwood Directly Controlled Area (Redwood D.C.A.)
Kingdom of Lutherania Lutherania City Imperial Seat
Empire of Paravia Nyros Province of the Clyne
Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros Dredim Capital Region
Labstadt (Seat of government)
Central Mainland (separate Special Direct Regions)
Federated Commonwealth of Malatora Tatsu Eyrie FedCom National Redoubt
Malokaz Kaniv Musa
Mañana Mañana Ciu Algora
People's Republic of Mandania Tavupa Tavupa
Manslayronia Stredelow Xiangji-Fenixa
Markland Kennewick Rattlesnake
Kingdom of Michrenia Michrenia N/A
Kid United Republic Republic City Santa Franz Province
Molossia Espera Harmony Province
Montosh Rulon Rulon Province
Myrotania Myrotania N/A
The Kingdom of Nathan Port Nathan King's Province
Natopia Lindstrom City Ziegeland
Nemkhav Federation Paterstadt Republic of Novomir
Nerbian Empire Olympia Capital Provence
Kingdom of Neptune Porth Wenn
New Guinea Roundpond Settlement Central New Guinea
NSSR New Leningrad Lurk SFSR
Union of Oceania Cairns Oceania Capital Territory, Australia, Oceania
United Principalities of Olland and Bizaraelia OCC Ollandic Capital Collectivity
United Provinces Under Chance Smallio Pacific Grove Provinces
Ohio Empire Beavercreek N/A
Republic of Öokko ßoßomboßo Ö.K.ß
Principality of Optima Prima (Prima City) Prima
Republic of Pannonia Sirmie PN1
Republic of Patetopia Patetopia City Heartland
Prsänëa Georgetown Archduchy of Georgetown
Suntrain Glory STSO
Riponia Ripon Fishergreenshire
Republic of Petorio Palmyra Creek Keystone Territory
Republic of Resoria Homestead Homestead
Rukora Crawley West Sussex
Sandus Central Administrative District
Satirocity Claremont Hill Home Claremont Hill
Shireroth Shirekeep Shirekeep County
Sirocco, Federal Commonwealth of Alston National Capital District
Slinky Empyre Royal Offyce Saint Rychard Department
Sovereign Order of Treesia Halberd Lighthouse The Fifth Isle
States of New Canada Newport Newport
St.Charlie, Federal Republic of District District
Caribbean Republic of Samana Cay Samana Cay Samana Cay
San Dover Kingdom San Dover San Dover
Secundomia Middle Secundomia City Middle Secundomia
Starland Star City Capital District
Taishen Shenlong City Taishen New Kowloon
Treithar Corthas N/A
Tsardom of Slavstria Svlyedavsk Stolitsa Rayon
Republic of USI USI City Province of USI City
Ud Mahazar Bzuodemen Bzuodemen
United Nation of Canines Golden City Golden Province
Republic of Varcetia Varcetia City Wilk
Kingdom of Varina Varina N/A
Empire of Vedistan Vedpuri Rajputana State
Vikesland Vikesland Capitol N/A
Kingdom of Wyvern Wyvern-Stad Wyvern (state)
Waterland New Wales City New Wales Province
Westsylvania Meadville N/A
Wilkland Henton Henton
Students' Isocratic Oligarchy of Yabloko Apfelstadt Apfelstadt
Decracy of Yunivers Vignetia YEC
Commonwealth of Zealandia Tyrshavnkommun Denton Canton
Kingdom of New Anglia Atherstone City Atherstone
Vietlao Democratic Republic Pyondo City Pyonjing County
Federal Socialist Republic of Petrograd New Austin Munich Federal District
Austrar Islands Arran Alforr
Kingdom of Juddlandia JuddWyvria
Dalton Voskav East Dalton
Catan Alexis Premium
South Maudlandia Iceburg
Principality of Lomellina Castello di Valle Castello di Valle
Duchy of Prussian Britannia Robsberg N/A