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Commu-Socialist Party of North America

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Commu-Socialist Party of North America
Leader Aaron Meek (Executive Commissioner)
Vacant (Vice-Commissioner)
Founded November 28, 2010
Headquarters N/A
Membership N/A
Ideology Communism, Marxist-Leninism
Official colours Red, Gold

The Commu-Socialist Party of North America (Ukrainian: Commu-sotsialistychna partiya Pivnichniy̆ Amerytsi, acronym: CSPPA (CSPNA), is a political party in the North American Confederation. Its current Executive Commissioner is Aaron Meek, and as of now has no Vice-Commissioner. It was known as the Eniarkian Worker's Party until November 28, 2010, when Eniarku was united with Empire of New Europe and the Ohio Empire into the North American Confederation.


Before the formation of the North American Confederation in November 2010, the party was the ruling party of the Democratic People's Republic of Eniarku as the Eniarkian Worker's Party. It was then suggested by the current Executive Commissioner, Aaron Meek, that it be formed to represent the Commu-Socialist faction of the North American government.

It is expected, and has been stated by Mr. Meek, that during the first elections of the confederation, that the party will run in said election.


The party stands firm on its beliefs just as it did when a part of Eniarku. It follows the ideologies of Karl Marx, Marxism-Leninism, and the broad Commu-Socialist spectrum. However, the Executive Commissioner has explicitly stated that it is not the fascist, extreme-left wing type of party, and that it believes strongly in democracy and unity. The party does, however, follow strict policies and believes that a strong law system is the key to any micronation.

While the party is officially on the left wing of the political spectrum, it is very open to others' ideas and is very liberal and democratic in most of its decisions.

Political Positions

Government Policies

The party, in contrast to the Conservative Party, pushes for a more centralized federal government. The party and its members also believe that the monarch of a nation should have little power, and most definitely not enough to make key decisions on his or her own.

More to come...

Timeline of CSPNA Executive Commissioners

The only Executive Commissioner of the CSPNA thus far is Aaron Meek, who was also the Executive Commissioner of the Eniarkian Worker's Party, as well as the Supreme Executive Commissioner of Eniarku. However, in the new confederation, the head-of-government is not the head of the party, and is popularly elected from within the party itself.

Name Term start Term end Remarks
Aaron Meek 28 November, 2010 N/A Formerly Executive Commissioner of the Eniarkian Worker's Party until November 28, 2010 when

unification abolished all state political parties.