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Daniel Anderson

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Daniel Anderson
Daniel Anderson, July 2012
1st Premier of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco
Assumed office
4 November 2010
Vice-Premier Jesse Coles
Political party Siroccan Federal Party (SFP)
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
1st President of the Siroccan Federal Party
Assumed office
9 October 2010
Predecessor Office established
Successor Incumbent
1st Glorious Dictator-for-Life of the Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia
In office
4 November 2008 - 3 November 2010
Political party Totalitarian Party
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
1st Leader-Supreme of the Totalitarian Party of Andersonia
In office
4 November 2008 - 3 November 2010
Predecessor Office established
Successor Office abolished
Personal information
Born 18 June 1994 (1994-06-18) (age 20)
Flag of New Zealand.png Northland, New Zealand
Nationality Siroccan
Ethnicity New Zealand European
Political party Siroccan Federal Party
Residence Rathlyn, Hobson, Sirocco
Religion Christian (Theistic evolutionist)
Military service
Nickname(s) "Ando"
Allegiance Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco
Service/branch Siroccan Defence Forces (all)
In service 2010-present
Rank Commander
Unit All

Daniel Roger Anderson OCW, MOF, MOO, SCP. (born 18 June 1994) is a politician and Premier of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco. He is the first to hold this position and has held it since he founded the nation on 4 November 2010. He is also notable for being the founder and Glorious Dictator-for-Life of the (now defunct) Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia. He decided to found Sirocco after being inspired the micronations of Sealand, Hutt River Province, Molossia, St.Charlie, A1, Zealandia and Austenasia.

As well as holding the office of Siroccan Premier, he is the current President of the Siroccan Federal Party, and in addition to this he also holds the position of Minister of Broadcasting and is also Commander of the Siroccan Defence Forces. He has also been a General in the Royal Zealandian Army Foreign Legion until he renounced his Zealandian citizenship on 13 December 2011.

Early life

Anderson was born in Northland, New Zealand on 18 June 1994. He attended a nearby kindergarten in the late 1990s where he became immortalised as only the second child to attend that could read and write prior to beginning attendance (to which he credits power lines, petrol stations and road signs).

He began attending primary school in 1999, and by his graduation in 2006 had been recognised as one of the school's star students, claiming many achievements over his eight years there. However he makes no secret of the fact he did not enjoy his time there.

Maran and Peebles


Anderson as Glorious Dictator-for-Life of Andersonia, January 2009
It was during his second year at high school that the Glorious Dictatorial Republic (GDR) was founded, and enjoyed much flourishing under his near two-year leadership, however during 2010 he became aware of the concept of micronations. After much research he decided to go ahead with the formation of one, announcing on 30 August 2010, the formation of a micronation sixty-four days hence. Realising the difficulty operating both a new micronation and the GDR (which only existed on the internet), he decided to dissolve the GDR on 3 November 2010, the eve of its second anniversary.


Premier Anderson began his term as Siroccan Premier on 4 November 2010. Under the Siroccan Constitution he is not bound by time or term constraints and may serve for as long as he sees fit or until his death. He legally maintains absolute power over Sirocco.

He is seen by some as a "good person" within the community, and was surprised to learn of Sirocco's placement as the fourteenth most influential micronation[1] (out of twenty-five candidates) in a 2011 survey despite the nation being just under two months old.

Political views

A staunch anti-communist, Anderson leads the conservative Siroccan Federal Party.

Personal life

Anderson in 2011.
Anderson exercises a keen interest in cartography, photography, 20th-century history, highway and electrical infrastructure, 1990s computing and Microsoft Windows. He does not see himself as an environmentalist but does undertake some actions such as turning off lights and conserving water where he can.

Anderson's first language is English, but he is also proficient in Siroccan. He used to speak some Māori, but admits he forgot most of it just after his studies in the language ceased. For a time he was interested in learning the guitar, before losing interest owing to broken strings. He is, however, somewhat interested in resuming learning this instrument.

He supports the Cancer Society, the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, the Returned Servicemens Association and the SPCA, and will happily donate to these causes.

Anderson is a staunch anti-Communist and is widely known within the MicroWiki community for his opposition to socialist organisations and micronations.

Awards and decorations


  • Zealandian flag.png Hero of the Zealandian Worker
    For assiting the Zealandian People over throw their dictator 21/2/2011 - 15/01/2012 (Revoked) - King Hakon
  • Zealandian flag.png Knight of The Order of the White Cane
    For his tireless effort in developing micronationalism in New Zealand and for forming links between Zealandia's left wing and Sirocco's right wing. - King Hakon, 10/01/2011 - 15/01/2012 (Revoked)
  • Zealandian flag.png Knight Bachelor of the Most Noble Order of Shower
    For his untiring work representing the people of Zealandia in Parliament 21/2/2011 - 15/01/2012 (revoked) - King Hakon
  • Zealandian flag.png Baronetcy of Denton
    For his hard work in restoring Zealandia post earthquake 2/8/2011 - 15/01/2012 (revoked) - King Hakon


  1. OAM Influence Survey 2011 Midway Table (retrieved January 3, 2011 22:33 NZDT)

Preceded by: Premier of the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco Succeded by: Flag of Sirocco.png
Office established 4 November 2010-present Incumbent
Preceded by: Glorious Dictator-for-Life of the Glorious Dictatorial Republic of Andersonia Succeded by: GDR Flag 2008.jpg
Office established 4 November 2008 - 3 November 2010 Office abolished