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Province of Dewey Beach
New Flag of Dewey Beach.png
Languages spoken English
Date founded October 5th, 2010
Population 300 (out of season)
Demonym Dewey Beacher, Dewian, Deweyan
Governor none
The Province of Dewey Beach, Dewey Beach or just Dewey is a province of the Republic of Bethania. It is located in the northern region of the country, bordering North Rehoboth Bay to the west and sharing a small border with the United States to the west, north of the bay. To the north it borders the province of Rehoboth and south across the Indian River Inlet is the province of Atlantica. It is the largest province of the country, mainly made up of a large barrier island called Dewey Island to the south which is a protected wildlife area and so unpopulated. It is known as a destination for partygoers and its nickname is "Bethania's Cancún" because of its wild summer season.