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Domanglian Antarctic Province

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Domanglian Antarctica/Domanglian Antarctic Province/Domanglian Antarctic Territory
DAP Flag.pngDAP Coat of Arms.png

Frosty Dragon
Official language(s) English, Brazilian Portuguese
Demonym Domanglian Antarctic
Government Great Assembly of Domanglia
- Governor vacant
Established 31 October 2011
Population 5
National animal Frost Dragon
Domanglian Antarctica is a province in the Domanglian Federation.

Domanglia's Website

The Domanglian Antarctic Province, often abbreviated to the DAP (also known as the Domanglian Province of Antarctica, the Domanglian Antarctic Territory, the Domanglian Territory of Antarctica, or simply Domanglian Antarctica), is a province in the Domanglian Federation.


On 31 October 2011, a part of Antarctica was claimed by Domanglia when it transitioned from the Empire of Domanglia to the Federal Republic of Domanglia. This part of Antarctic land became the Domanglian Antarctic Province, the third largest Domanglian province. Harry Fitzpatrick was elected to be Governor of this province, but on 23 November Fitzpatrick resigned to create his own political party, the Green Party, a pro-Gaddafi political party. Domanglian Antarctica was governorless until 4 December, when John Gordon became the new Governor. The province was the first to recognise the 27th January Movement as the legitimate Domanglian government when it transitioned to a theodorist kingdom.


Domanglian Antarctica is located in Antarctica, so it is very cold. The landscape is snowy. It borders Starland's Antarctic Territory.


Name Began office Ended office Party
Harry Fitzpatrick 31 October 2011 23 November 2011 None
John Gordon 4 December 2011 8 February 2012 Popular National Party
FedRep Domanglia Flag.png
Kingdom of Domanglia