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Environmental Office (Austenasia)

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Environmental Office
Established 28 February 2009
Headquarters Lichtenstein
Minister for the Environment Lord Charles C., Duke of Grantabridge

The Environmental Office of Austenasia, formerly known as the Ministry of the Environment is the government body responsible for the protection, exploration and conservation of the natural environment of the Empire of Austenasia. It also regulates, funds, and administers the Imperial Geographical Society.

The Environmental Office was originally known as the Ministry of the Environment when it was founded by Act 62 of the Austenasian Parliament on 28 February 2009, but was renamed to the Environmental Office by Act 79 on 23 May 2009. On 30 June 2012, the Environment Act 2012 defined the duties of each department of the Environmental Office, and gave them the power to make orders in certain scenarios in order to fulfill their responsibilities (e.g. the Department for Sustainability can give an order limiting water usage during hot summers).

The Environmental Office is run by the Minister for the Environment, which since 3 May 2014 has been Lord Charles C., Duke of Grantabridge. To better co-ordinate the work of the Environmental Office, since 28 July 2011 its responsibilities have been carried out by specialised departments:

  • Department for Sustainability
  • Department for the Prevention and Reduction of Pollution
  • Department for the IGS
  • Department for Biodiversity and Conservation
  • Department for the Regulation of Waste Disposal