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Community of Landashir

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Community of Landashir
Commun vus Londeland
Communauté de Londeterre

Antarctico londaise.png

FSH: Duerch d' Arbéicht en duerch de Énhéet, sollt Mir floréien
EN: Through work and through understanding shall we flourish
Theme from "La Storia" (De Haan)
Llabdey and Sycamore Booker
AMU claims new.jpg
AMU claims map indicating Landashir

Capital city Sycamore Booker
Largest city Capital Point, Farwell Island, Antarctica
Official language(s) Official: English, Francillish, French[1]. Minority: German
Official religion(s) Secular
Short name Landashir
Demonym Llon or Landashir'n
Government Co-operative commune, with direct democracy
- Commonwealth President James Lunam
- Premier J.K. Puchowski
Legislature Landashir'n Government
Established 2001
Population 4
Currency Schelleng
Time zone GMT - 1 minute
National animal Budgerigar

Government Website

Landashir or the Landashir'n Community, officially the Community of Landashir (French: La Communauté du Londeterre, German: Die Gemeinschaft Landmark, Francillish: Das Commun vus Londeland) is a micronation formed in 2001. Landashir is a self-declared 'independent communal state'[2] running all internal affairs with its own government as a Permanent Territory of the St.Charlian Commonwealth. Despite this, Landashir is one of the oldest micronations in the MicroWiki community[3] boasting a developed culture and open foreign policy.



The word "Landashir" has two etymological definitions. Previously, the word was written as Landashire, which is coherent with the naming of counties in the British Isles, literally meaning "Shire of LAND". However, a second background has been offered, based on the ancient Landashir'n language (ßat llondeshieiu)[4] word for Landashir, LLONDESHIEI, meaning 'land of the River Llon'. It is taken that the former definition is the most likely etymological background for the word.


Landashir was originally founded in 2001 by James Puchowski. Landashir was created as a fictional county of England, before the decision was made to transform Landashir into a micronation, creating the Crown Principality of Landashir. Landashir consisted of the territory of Sycamore Booker in South East England.[5]

Landashir ran separately from all forms of intermicronational relations until July 2008, when Landashir entered the international community through MicroWikia.[6]

In early 2010, the Crown Prince announced that the Crown Principality, including the royal house and the territory of Sycamore Booker, would be dissolved, and Landashir would make a transition solely to the Antarctic Community of Landashir, consisting of 2 islands, previously belonging to the Kingdom of Finismund.[7]. In September 2010, Landashir re-established itself with British and Antarctic territory as a political commune.[8]

As of April 10th 2011, Landashir was accepted into the St.Charlian Commonwealth as a Permanent Territory.[9]


Woodland in Llabdey

Landashir comprises of mainly an Antarctic claim, protected by the AMU, of 2 islands dispersed around the coast of the Antarctic continent. No citizen lives in the claim which has caused notable controversy[10][11][12].

Regardless, Landashir has retained a small piece of land since its founding, Sycamore Booker which is the de facto home of the Government and all territorial citizens.

Near Sycamore Booker is the territory of Llabdey, previously a Department of the Slinky Empyre reclaimed catalysing the Dissolution of the Slinky Empyre[13]. The status of Llabdey is not clear; legally, the territory is still part of the United Kingdom, but is considered culturally significant to the Landashir'n people. The Landashir'n Government considers Llabdey as its 'protectorate'[14].

Landashir borders the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Francisville. Until September 2011, the Community bordered with the Kingdom of Zealandia in Llabdey. Landashir'n borders are not patrolled and are considered 'open' - Landashir has enacted its own interpretation of the Schengen Agreement and has signed appropriate treaties, including those of the AMU which guarantee universal entrance into Landashir'n territory.

Landashir is split, de facto, into 3 different regions/territories:

Name Population
Landashir'n Flag.jpg Sycamore Booker 4
Flag of Llabdey Department.png Llabdey (protectorate) 0
Antarctico londaise.png Antarctic Territories 0

Government and politics

As a commune, legislative power is vested in the Landashir'n Government, comprising of all citizens. There is only one position in the Government, and that is of the Premier, currently J.K. Puchowski, who holds administrative and other designated powers.

Executive authority is vested in the Premier, who acts as overall head of the Community and government. The Premier is elected by consensus by the members of the government on a frequent basis.

The Government is completely non-partisan and is closely run with assistance from the St.Charlian Commonwealth. Intermicronationally, the Premier represents the Community of Landashir.

Security and defence

Landashir is declared as being a pacifist nation. Llon law does not permit an armed forces or any other form of military group within Landashir. If at any time there is a military threat, the Government ignores such threat and calls on the international community to react. In extreme circumstances, the Government will make an army of selected fit, healthy citizens. The conscience of citizens would be respected.

Geography and climate

Snowfall in Sycamore Booker

Landashir'n territory is found within two different continents - Antarctica and Europe. In the Antarctic territories, the islands are mainly covered in sheets of ice and frozen snow. However, in Sycamore Booker and Llabdey, the surroundings are majorly hilly and populated with many varieties of vegetation and fauna. None of the Landashir'n territories have rivers or bodies of water, apart from a still pond in Sycamore Booker. In Llabdey, practically all land is woodland apart from the main dirt track which serves as a British bypass, connecting Landashir to Francisville and the United Kingdom. Sycamore Booker is a residential territory with a high density of sycamore trees, daffodils and pampas grass.

Climate and temperature

In Sycamore Booker and Llabdey, the climate is the same as that of the south-east British Isles. Rainfall levels can reach up to 42 mm, and the area is rarely susceptible to flooding due to its position on top of a hill in the Chilterns.

Climate data for Sycamore Booker and Llabdey, Landashir
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °F (°C) 46
Average low °F (°C) 36
Source: worldweatheronline.com



The official languages of Landashir are English and Francillish. French and German are often used by the Government for intermicronational communication, but only German is a minority language. Languages which have been used in the past include Esperanto and Llonkréyol but the most well known Landashir'n language is Francillish, a descendant of Old Francillian which is currently regulated by D'College Linguistisch-Francilisch.


Landashir's national motto is "Through work and through understanding, we shall flourish". This was created to reflect the Landashir'n ethos that reason and learning make you stronger as a whole. Landashir is constitutionally a secular and pacifist country. Landashir aims to promote secularism, freedom of speech, and communalism. Landashir is predominantly Humanist with an Anglican minority.

Diplomacy and international relations

(left) Photo taken at 2012 PoliNation Conference. (right) Landashir'n attendance during a café visit with other micronationalists in 2012.

The Landashir'n Constitution guarantees an open foreign policy, which simply states that all nations contacted by Landashir are recognised by default, unless there is a specific declaration which says that the Community no longer recognises a state's sovereignty.[15]

The Community has been represented at numerous meet-ups and conferences with other micronations[16][17][18], including the 2012 PoliNation Conference. Landashir'n borders are open which guarantee free movement between the United Kingdom, Francisville and Landashir, having voluntarily signed up to the conditions of the Schengen Agreement.


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