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Flag of Zealandia

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Flag of the Kingdom of Zealandia
Name National Flag of Zealandia
Use National flag
Proportion 3:5
Adopted February, 2014
Design Yellow Nordic Cross on a grey background.

The Flag of Zealandia is a yellow Nordic Cross on a grey background. The flag was adopted in February, 2014. Along with the Coat of Arms it makes up the primary symbolism of the nation.


The yellow represents the Zealandian People themselves and their qualities such as: honour, courage, loyalty and a stead fast determination to do the right thing. The grey represents the sea which is very important culturally and spirituality to the Zealandian People and the sunken continent of Zealandia from which Zealandia derived her name from.

Display and use

The flag is always flown around the clock in Denton regardless of Conditions. It is customarily flown on all major events and public holidays.

Royal and government flags

The Royal Standard was adopted in June 2014 as the flag to represent the Zealandian monarchy.

Royal Standard

The Zealandian Governmental Ensigns: