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Group of Nine
Official language English
Denonym G9
Founded 18 October 2010
Members 5
President of the G9 Alexander Virgili

The Group of Nine (G9) is a forum created by the Republic of Atlantis in 2010, for governments of the nine most active and important micronations in the community according to Atlantis. The forum, taking place every six months, has the purpose of talking about the community and directing international politics, in order to have a "more serious and real micronationalism".




All members of the G9 have the same importance with no member nations being more important than the others. Member are invited into the group and if the majority of the members believe that a nation is active and important enough, the nation is accepted into the G9. The representative of a nation is the head of government or head of state.

President of the G9

The President of the Group of Nine is a representative of a member nation. The President holds a six month office and is chosen by rotation according to the date of registration. The President of the G9 coordinates the forums.