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Gristerra originated as a state in the Union of Confederate States when the U.C.S. was formed in 1964. Gristerra means "grey earth," and was so named because of David's perception of the color of the soil there. In 1965 Gristerra became an independent nation, existing as such until some time in 1966.



Gristerra was founded by David Clotheir, as a state of the U.C.S. It was created in 1964. It became independent after the collapse of the UCS in 1965. Gristerra itself ended in 1966.


David Clotheir founded Gristerra and served as its governor during its statehood period, and as its President during its national period. He was also the first and only President of the U.C.S. during that nation's existence, the attic of his house serving as the U.C.S. national capital.

Foreign relations

The nation of Gristerra allied with the Republic of Westavia as the Federation of Gristerra and Westavia in order to confront belligerant Wasserland. David Clotheir joined with Steve Smith (of Westavia) to defeat Russell Hughen (of Wasserland) in the Battle of Fort Hughen, effectively concluding the War over the Wasteland.


The land of the former Gristerra is now again within the United States of America, or perhaps the Dominion of British West Florida. It's center of government was the house at the corner of Ralston Road and Dobbs Avenue in the Westlawn neighborhood of the city of Mobile, Alabama. At its greatest territorial extent it consisted of 6 or 8 residential lots and their houses and inhabitants.