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Prince Nathan of Florenia

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His Royal Highness
Prince Nathan MP
Prime Minister of Florenia
Assumed office:
August 17, 2011
Monarch Eran I
Predecessor Office established
Foreign Minister
Assumed office:
February 9, 2013
Prime Minister Himself
Predecessor Office established
Member of Parliament
for Ashany
Assumed office:
July 29, 2012
Prime Minister Himself
Predecessor Himself (Acting)
Minister of Defense
In office:
17 August, 2011 - September 3, 2011
Prime Minister Himself
Predecessor Office established
Successor HRH Prince Henry
Personal information
Born July 21, 1998
New York City, U.S.A.
Citizenship Florenian, American, Austenasian (honorary)
Political party Democratic Liberal Party
Residence Florenia, New York City
Religion Jewish
Military service
Allegiance Flag of Florenia.jpg Kingdom of Florenia
Service/branch Florenian Royal Army
In service 2011 - Present
Rank Colonel
Unit Royal Guards Regiment

His Royal Highness The Prince Nathan KH KCFN KCF is a young micronationalist who is founder, Prime Minister and Heir to the Throne of the Kingdom of Florenia. He founded Florenia in 2011, from an interest in Molossia, and after stumbling upon MicroWiki, began to govern single handedly. He appointed his father, Eran I, Monarch and appointed himself Prime Minister to build the government. Since defeating Prince Henry by default in the Florenian Election of 2011, and securing a majority in the subsequent 2013 election, he has remained Prime Minister.

In addition to serving as Prime Minister, Prince Nathan also currently holds the offices of Foreign Minister, Member of Parliament for Ashany, and Chief Herald Armiger, as well as holding the rank of Colonel in the Florenian Royal Army.



Early life

Prince Nathan was born on July 21, 1998 in New York City to Eran I and Queen Jane before any of them had any sort of title. He grew up in the city with his two younger brothers, born in 2000 and 2004.

Personal Interests

Prince Nathan has described himself as not incredibly athletic, although he does have an affinity for golf. He also enjoys media and is a hobby photographer and screenwriter. He has preformed stand up comedy at the Gotham Comedy Club in New York. He enjoys history, particularly British and other european history, and has a large appreciation, admiration and fascination with the British Royal Family as well as monarchy in general and all things British. He has memorized all of the monarchs of the Kingdom of England, the Kingdom of Great Britain, and the United Kingdom from William I to Elizabeth II. He very much enjoys government, in particular the British House of Commons. He is a self proclaimed anglophile, and has made it his personal duty to teach those who misuse the terms England, Great Britain, and United Kingdom or Holland, Amsterdam and the Netherlands the proper uses. His interest also expands to all monarchy, and the politics that evolve from it. He plans to learn German some day.


The Flag of the Republic of the Floren Lands, and the original flag of Florenia. It is now the Flag of Ashany.

Republic of the Floren Lands

Without any knowledge of micronations, he decided to make the land that is now Florenia a country named the Republic of The Floren Lands. After a few days, this country died down because, like most children would, they were mostly focused on making their army uniform. This country started in the summer of 2010 and ended a few weeks after.

Kingdom of Florenia

Prince Nathan had the idea to start the Kingdom of Florenia, originally the Republic of Florenia, on April 22nd, 2011. He did not develop it much but in August it was picked up. He declared himself Prime Minister, and many other offices. He also chose all other ministers and deputy ministers. Since he is the only member of Parliament currently, he works very much with the King to write Acts and Laws. A fair amount have been passed, most of them just being creations of titles, simple laws, or basic functions for a country. He has not told any of his friends from his school about the Kingdom but hopes to and include them in the country. Most of his family do not know, or know much about, the Kingdom, but he wants to inform them of it.

From the signing of the Constitution on September 5 2011, Prince Nathan has carried out most of the duties of running Florenia. He is currently the only Member of Parliament for Florenia, and therefore is the author to all Acts. The only other individual currently involved in the Kingdom is Eran I, who must read and approve all Acts passed by Parliament, or, in this case, the Prince. Because of his major involvement, Prince Nathan has molded Florenia to his liking and his political views. He believes this is currently the best approach for Florenia, since he believes that he knows the most about Florenia and micronationalism in general. As most of the other Florenian citizens are liberals and agree with the views of the Democratic Liberal Party, he governs with very little opposition. This is excluding the occasional outburst from Prince Henry or Prince Zachary.

Prince Nathan ran for the office of Prime Minister for the first time in late December 2011. He was originally running against Prince Henry. However, Prince Henry dropped out and Prince Nathan became Prime Minister. He also ran for the office of Member of Parliament of the Electorate of Ashany on July 29 2012, and won with 60% of the vote. He ran against nobody, so the ballot had the options of the Prince, or of against. The idea was that if a majority voted against, nobody would be elected yet. He plans to run for both these offices in the General Elections of 2012, which were to begin around December 22 2012.

Following the Cabinet Act 2013, a Florenian Act of Parliament given royal consent on 9 February 2013, The Prince appointed himself Foreign Minister, the first appointment to the office since its founding in September 2012. Florenia was elected to the GUM Advancement Council for two consecutive terms, and Prince Nathan has served as Florenia's delegate to the GUM since the Kingdom's joining. On December 18 2013, Prince Nathan announced his candidacy for re-election to the position of Prime Minister. He faced no opposition, and was suspected to have his position confirmed by the election. He won with a majority of 87.5% of the vote, and will serve as Prime Minister until the next election in 2014.

On April 18, the Prince's office released a statement announcing that a Florenian judiciary was in construction, and that it and an Act creating the Ministry of Justice were to be introduced within the next ten days. The Prince independently authored both documents.


Prince Nathan is of Romanian, Polish, Slovakian, Lithuanian, English, and possibly French descent. He is a citizen of Florenia, the United States, and Israel. He is also an honorary subject of Austenasia

Titles and styles

Royal Family of Florenia
Coat of Arms of the Florenian Royal Family

HRM The King
HM The Queen

HRH The Duke of Southbury
HRH The Duchess of Southbury

  • HRH The Duke of Wolcott
    HRH The Duchess of Wolcott
  • HRH The Duchess of Milton
    HRH The Duke of Milton
    • HRH Prince Daniel of Milton
    • HRH Princess Nina of Milton

  • Reference Style: His Royal Highness
  • Spoken Style: Your Royal Highness
  • Alternative Style: Sir

  • 21 July, 1998 - 22 April, 2011: Mr Nathan Benjamin
  • 22 April, 2011 - August 5, 2011: Prince Nathan
  • August 5, 2011 - October 24, 2012: His Royal Highness Prince Nathan
  • October 24, 2012 - present: His Royal Highness The Prince Nathan

Military appointments

Prince Nathan is a Colonel in the Florenian Royal Army, and is the commanding officer of the Royal Guards Regiment. This title is not honorary, and he is currently the highest ranking official in the Royal Army.

Full title

His Royal Highness The Prince Nathan Benjamin of the Kingdom of Florenia, Founder of the Kingdom of Florenia, First Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Florenia, First Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Florenia, Member of Parliament for the Electorate of Ashany, Chief Herald Armiger of the College of Arms, Heir to the Throne of the Kingdom of Florenia, Knight Companion of Honor, Knight Commander of the Florenian National Order, Knight Commander of the Order of the Founder, Officer of the Austenasian Order, Colonel of the Royal Guards Regiment

Awards and decorations

Political Views

In American politics, Prince Nathan stands with and supports the Democratic Party. In Florenian politics he is the founder of the Democratic Liberal Party. He believes in equal rights and privileges under the law for everyone, and is a strong supporter of same-sex marriage and LGBT Rights. He believes that Florenia is the first micronation to host a same-sex wedding, which was for his cousin Lady Lauren, and her now wife, Lady Richelle. He believes strongly in capitalism and democracy, and that all decisions made by government need to reflect the interest of the people. He disagrees with communism and, although he holds much respect for Jonathan I, disagrees with many aspects of Theodorism.

Prince Nathan's political compass as of January 2013.

As a strong capitalist, the Prince believes that all individuals should have the right to purse economic wealth and success, and that there can never truly be complete economic equality. He sights nations such as the Soviet Union and China as examples of individuals using communism as a cover to gain power. He has said to be "disgusted" by the fact that some micronationalists have sighted Joseph Stalin and Fidel Castro as role models and inspirations.

After doing research on the topic, Prince Nathan expresses support for abortion, or the termination of a pregnancy, until the fifth month of pregnancy, but believes it should be legal up to 6 months into the pregnancy.

He strongly supports large government and social programs to benefit all members of every community. He does think high taxes are necessary, because without them the government cannot help the general population as much as possible or function at its full capacity.