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Helmi Fairuz Kalahari

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His Excellency
Comradsiyy Helmi Fairuz Kalahari

Helmi Fairuz Klhr.jpg
  3rd Minister of Health of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros
Assumed office:

August 5th, 2010

Preceded by: Abdi Rizqi Muharram
Succeeded by: Abdi Rizky Muharram
  1st Minister of Human and Natural Resources of Los Bay Petros
Assumed office:

August 5th 2010

Preceded by: Position Establised
Succeeded by: Danesya Ananda
Governor of Gaskan
Assumed office:

August 2010

Preceded by: None
Succeeded by: Incumbent
Personal information
Born: July 13th, 1998 (age 13)
Macronationality: Indonesian
Micronationality Los Bay Petrosian
Residence 5km South of DCT (Cilandak, Jakarta)
Religion Islam
Political Party Civi's Welfare Party
LBPAF Rank Major

Helmi Fairuz Kalahari is the Secretary of State, the third Minister of Health, and the First Minister of Human and Natural Resources of Federal Republic of Los Bay Petros. He was born in Jakarta on July 17th, 1998. Kalahari was inaugurated as the Minister of Health and Minister of Human and Natural Resources on August 19th 2010.

On the July 2011 political crisis, Helmi resigned from all of his governmental occupation except for the Governor of Gaskan. He's later working as a correspondent for LTV.


Over his micronational career, Helmi was the head of the following governmental bodies:


Helmi Fairuz Kalahari's LBPAF rank is Mayor. He was inaugurated by Faris Ramadhan.

Helmi attending a government meeting.

Awards and Decoration