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Indokistan Armed Forces

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Indokistan Armed Forces
Angkatan Bersenjata Indokistan

Bendera Indokistan 3.png
Motto: Securing and Protecting
Established January 2011
March Farewell of Slavianka
Country Bendera Indokistan 3.png - Indokistan
Branches Ground force
Air and water forces
Intelligent force
Commander Tian Abdurrahman as President of Indokistan
General information
Headquarters Edgewell
Active personnel 10

Indokistan Armed Forces (Angkatan Bersenjata Indokistan) is a military organisation of Indokistan that serves to protecting Indokistan from physical threats. It responsible for protection and security of entire Indokistani territories also with regions the government should take responsibility on its defence.

Since its establishment, the armed forces already in full deployment for few times, during January Revolution, Indokistan - Ntolian War, and during the tension between Indokistan and Nameless as the aftermath of Nameless Betrayal.



Badra Shidqi as advisor of defence at the time, suggests communist government to form a military organisation to protecting the nation if there is a threat, and is agreed by the leader by issuing a decree to establishing a military organisation.

Farhan Abdurrahman has once raise an issue about the importance of the armed forces, as he said that the armend forces was barely useful, he also proposed a dissolution of it. The issue was taken on the referendum and failed to gain support from citizens.

Commanding power

Commanding rights of the armed forces and entire of its personnel was on the full authority of the president after advice from national forum.


Indokistan Armed Forces have 3 components inside it, which is the ground force (Angkatan darat), air and water forces (Angkatan laut dan udara), and an intelligence service named INTELIN.

Ground Forces

The ground forces is the oldest departement in the armed forces that established in January 2011 and the most busy one. The duty of the ground forces is to securing and protecting Indokistan lands and borders. This forces is lead by Adam Wira since 15 July 2011.

Sea and Air Forces

This forces are establish in February 2011, after General Badra are considering that the sea and air security is important. The duty of this forces is to protecting and securing the air and waters of Indokistan, also its borders. This forces are lead by Vito Putra since August 2011.

Intelligence Agency

Intelligence agency of Indokistan was established on December 2011 after Ali Akbar suggestion for the government to establishing an intelligence service. This component investigates and observe information about intelligence, foreign affairs, defence and security objectives in Indokistan. INTELIN also held responsibilty to securing the national defence and to avoid any danger and actions against Indokistan.

Soldiers and Recruitment

Conscription is not observed in Indokistan, because the recruitment and membership of the armed forces is voluntarily. Mass deployment is observed if the government decides to declare the status of emergency, when the government deploy entire power of the military encourage civilians and paramilitary to join defending the nation.

Eligibility to become a member of the armed forces is regulated in a requirements. Requirements obliged that applicants should be a Indokistani citizen and have pass background check. Applicants also obliged to having a standard knowledge on and about Indokistan, and the standard ability to use weapon is encouraged by the armed forces.

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