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Indokistani Passport

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Passport of Indokistan
Paspor Indokistan
Diplomatic passport
Diplomatic passport
Regular passport
Regular passport
Date first issued December 2011
Issued by Indokistan
Type of document Passport
Purpose Identification
Eligibility requirements Indokistani citizenship

Passport of Indokistan was issued by Indokistani government under ministry of foreign affairs for facilitating international travel. The passport are divided into 2; the regular passport, and diplomatic passport. The expiry of the passport are varies, from just one year, five years, or infinite.

Physical appearance

The Indokistani passport cover are contains the word Republik Indokistan and below that, there is word Paspor for regular or Paspor Diplomatik for diplomatic passport in Bahasa Indonesia. An english translation, the Republic of Indokistan and Passport or Diplomatic passport are located below the Indonesian name. The half-coat of arms are located in left of the cover. The text are black when the cover are white, the flag in coat of arms only coloured. Indokistani government claims that the passport was one of the most simple passport designs, compared with other passport that issued by other countries.

Identity information page

A Indokistani passport includes the following data, that located in the third page of passport:

  • Passport holder photo
  • Registration and passport number
  • Name
  • Nationality (Indokistan)
  • Birthdate and birthplace
  • Domicile
  • Sex
  • Country code (IKT)
  • Issuing authority
  • Date of issue
  • Date of expiry


The passport only contains of 2 languages; Bahasa Indonesia and English

Passport note

Indokistani passports contain a note that located on the second page, from the issuing country that is addressed to the authorities of all other countries, identifying the bearer as a citizen of that country and requesting that he or she be allowed to pass and be treated according to international norms.

In Bahasa Indonesia:

Pemerintah Indokistan berharap agar pemegang paspor dapat memasuki negara yang dikunjungi dengan aman, serta dilindungi dengan sebaik-baiknya
Paspor ini berlaku di seluruh dunia

In English:

Government of Indokistan hopes that the passport bearer could enter the visited nation safely and be protected by the country authorities
This passport are valid worldwide