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J.K. Puchowski

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Dr. J. K. Puchowski, OBS
Premier of Landashir
Assumed office:
February 2010
Predecessor Himself (as Crown Prince)
Crown Prince of Landashir
In office:
2001 - 2010
Predecessor Throne established
Successor Himself (as Premier)
Landsmann of the Canton of North Llabdey, Francisville
Assumed office:
June 2012-
Personal information
Father S. Puchowski
Mother S. Puchowski
Born 25th March
Political party Apolitical[1]/Social Democratic Alliance (in Francisville)
Religion Atheist (Humanist)

J. K. Puchowski[2] (puxɔvskɨ) is a micronationalist, serving as Premier of the Community of Landashir, Landsmann of the Canton of North Llabdey, Federal Republic of Francisville and Secretary-General of the St.Charlian Commonwealth.

In micronational history, Puchowski has also taken on roles such as Acting Chairman of the Grand Unified Micronational and as Vice-Secretary General of the Organisation of Active Micronations. He has been a long-term member of the MicroWiki community of micronations, joining in the summer of 2008.[3]



Born to a British mother and a British father of Polish ancestry, Puchowski grew up in the United Kingdom, living in the south-east since 1997. He is currently a languages and philosophy student and an active youth politician within his local community.

Puchowski has three nationalities: British, Landashir'n and Francillian. He holds a passport from the Free Republic of Alcatraz, and is an Honorary Subject of the Empire of Austenasia. He speaks English, French, German and Francillish and understands Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Francillian. Puchowski has also been awarded an honorary Doctorate in Micronational Linguistics from the National University of Zealandia, and has held the title Marquess of Atkantia since April 2012.


Puchowski has pacifist and generally social democratic opinions in the micronational community. His comments and criticisms have been significant in bringing intermicronational conflicts and disputes to an end, and is seen to as a diplomat within the micronational sphere.

He has progressively worked on his micronational career and has worked with over 4 micronations to date. He has hosted 5 micronational diplomatic state visits and attended the 2012 PoliNation Conference in London.

Puchowski has previously performed an active, yet controversial political role in the Kingdom of Zealandia as Francillish Minister, Speaker of the Lower House and as a short period as First Minister, despite being unknowingly removed through a vote of no confidence whilst he was asleep and therefore away from the chat rooms used by the Kingdom; Puchowski declared In September 2011 his intention to step down from all roles in Zealandia "after a week of solid contemplation... no longer see[ing] it fit to remain in such a fragile and temperamental institution"[4].

Awards and decorations

Styles of
Dr. J.K. Puchowski

National Crest of the Community of Landashir

Reference style Premier, Doctor Puchowski
Spoken style Premier Puchowski
Alternative style Premier

Vlag.jpg Knight of the Holy Military Order of Saint Polycarpus (OSP) - 2009
Slinky Empyre.png Slinky Award of Appreciation for Friendliness 2009 - 1/10/2009
Flag stcharlie.png Cavaliere of the Order of the Blue Star (OBS) - 16/5/2010
Renasia.png Order of Bohr (OB) - 30/8/2010
FlagofSandus.png Knight of the Order of the Sovereign Eagle (KOSE) - 9/9/2010
Flag of Austenasia.png Knight of Rose (KOR) - 18/9/2010
Flag of Arkel.png Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Ladder (OLKG) - 3/1/2011
Flag stcharlie.png Ufficiale of the Order of the Blue Star (OBS) - 28/2/2011
FlagofSandus.png Officer of the Order of the Gods - 19/4/2011
FlagofSandus.png Order of the Sage - 19/4/2011
Flag of Austenasia.png Knight of Honour in the Glorious Order of St. John (KHJ) - 16/6/2011
Flag of Sirocco.png Order of the Numbat (ONB) - 4/1/2012
Flag stcharlie.png Commendatore of the Order of the Blue Star (OBS) - 13/4/2012


  1. The Landashir'n Government is non-partisan
  2. Puchowski has received numerous titles and awards, of which all cannot be listed/ Name is intialised for personal reasons (protection of identity)
  3. http://micronations.wikia.com/wiki/Community_of_Landashir?oldid=9471
  4. In correspondence with First Minister Puglisi and King Anthony
Preceded by: Crown Prince of Landashir Succeded by: Royal insignia.png
Throne established 16 Aug 2001 - February 2010 Monarchy abolished
Preceded by: Premier of Landashir Succeded by: Antarctico londaise.png
Office created February 2009 - Incumbent
Preceded by: Vizier of Rushymia Succeded by: Rushymiaflag.jpg
Title last held by Billy of Rushymia
21 October 2010 - 13 April 2012 HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
Preceded by: Marquess of Atkantia Succeded by: Flag of Austenasia.png
Peerage created 13 April 2012 - present Incumbent