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King Penda Harald Hardrada

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Penda II
Emperor of Saxony
Reign 29th Second Yule 2262
18th January 2012 - incumbent
Predecessor title created
Emperor of Saxony Duke Sighere
Born 2242
England, UK
Occupation Student of Linguistics
Religion Christianity (Christian League of the Saxon Empire)

King Penda Harald Hardrada (usually styled as King Penda II) is the founder of the Kingdom of West Germania, a cultural micronation with the objective of spreading Germanic culture. . He was the Minister for Culture in Nemkhavia, until he left and formed the Saxon Empire.

Early life and education

King Penda II was born and has spent most of his life in the English Midlands and proclaimed himself monarch of a new nation at the age of 18. At the age of 19, his territory along with the Duchy of Stonland became constituent nations of the Saxon Empire, making him a diarch. To this day, he remains unmarried and without children.


King Penda's first micronation, the Kingdom of West Germania was found in 2010 as a cultural entity. It then joined the Nemkhav Federation on August, 2011 where we rose as Minister for Culture. His stay in Nemkhavia was short, only 4 months, at which point he declared independence and founded the Saxon Empire alongside Duke Sighere


King Penda's full style is as follows:

His Majesty, Penda Harald Hardrada, Emperor of Saxony, King of West Germania, KMG

Awards and decorations