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Kingdom of Carvadia

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Carvadia was founded on July 26,2011 by the King Adrian I. It is a sovereign, independent micronation.On August 4, 2011 Carvadia changed it's currency to the credit

Status Micronation
Anthem Gloria, O Adelaide
Government Monarchy
Location Antarctica
Population 2
Date of Foundation July 26,2011
Leadership King Adrian I
Language English, Bulgarian
Currency Credit
Demonym Carvadian
Capital Adelaide Island




After researching many micronations, the founder King Adrian I decided to create his own. He claimed land in Antarctica as an individual and then founded the micronation of Carvadia.

Antarctic Claims

Adelaide Island

  • 67°15′S 68°30′W

Berkner Island

  • 79°30′S 47°30′W

Thurston Island

  • 72°6′S 99°0′W

Sherman Island

  • 72°40′S 99°45′W

Grant Island

  • 74°28′S 131°35′W


King: Adrian I

Patron: Grand Duke Martin I of the Grand Duchy

Foreign Politics

Alliance with The Grand Duchy of the Northern Antarctic Peninsular Islands.


Carvadia's military has an arsenal of one airsoft gun and a homemade airsoft gun and a nerf gun.