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Empire of Pristinia

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Imperial Republic Flag Wiki.png
National Flag (Symbols)
Location of Nemkhavia

National Anthem:
Nemkhavia, Our Motherland
Democracy, Brotherhood, Peace
Capital New Chambria City

Official languages German, Pristinian,
six others co-official

Denomyn Pristinian

Government Despotism
King Sebastian I
Lord High Chancellor Helen Linden

Legislature Privy Council
-Type Unicameral
Seats 6

– Foundation of the Chambrian Realm 2004
– Foundation of the Pristinian nation April 22, 2008
– Accession to the Federation as Kingdom June 15, 2011
– Formation of the Empire December 3, 2011

Area claimed pending survey

Population 12

Currency 1 Mark (ℳ) = 50 Pent (ϱ)

Time zone RPTC

Country code prs, pr

Internet TDL .prs(main)

Drives on the Right

Date formats Gregorian calendar

Pristinia [IPA: /pʰɹ̟ɪstʰiːniɐ/ or /pɾɨstʰɪːnjɑ/] (German: Pristinien, Pristinian: Pristinia, Ripuarian: "Pristeenije", Nemkhav: Pristinija, French: Pristinie, Spanish: Pristínya), officially known as the Empire of Pristinia, is a micronation located in Central Europe.




On December 17th, 2011, Pristinia seceded from the Nemkhav Federation, becoming an independent nation.

Government and politics

The nation is an Empire, and employs despotism, thus giving the national leader absolute authority.

Law and order

Foreign relations