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Merenneitoja [mɛrɪnaɪtoʊhʌ] is a Secundomian state. It was founded by Luke of Secundomia on Feb. 26th, 2009.

Languages spoken English
Date founded Feb. 26th, 2010
Population ~7 (2 Secundomian)
Demonym Merenneitojan
Governor Luke of Secundomia


Merenneitoja consists of the Governor's entire neighborhood.

City of Merrenneitoja

The City of Merrenneitoja is the Capitol city of Merreneitoja, it consits of the governor's house and yard.

City of Bu Ocajin

The City of Bu Ocajin is located slightly east of Merreneitoja, it was the former capitol of Bu Ocajin.


Merenneitoja was founded by Luke of Secundomia on Feb. 26th, 2009, during the Golden Age of Secundomia. He immediately became governor. In October 2010, Bu Ocajin was absorbed by Merrenneitoja, due to Bu Ocajin's faliure to conduct gubernatorial elections.

List of Governors

Name Political Party Date Notes
Luke of Secundomia Secundomian Conservative Party Feb. 26th, 2009 - Present



Merenneitoja is predominantly Caucasian and Christian.


Merenneitoja is named after the Finnish word for mermaid. This was a joke enacted by it's founder.

Secundomia Official Flag.jpg
Republic of Secundomia