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Flag of Montriac.pngEmblem of the Cizlandese Government.png

Capital Anebrán
Founded 2012
Area 400 mt
Government Major Political Entity
Local Minister Ysabel Rojas
Governor Laura Gonzales

Montriac is one of the three major political entities of the federal union of Cizland. Montriac composes the territory last occupied by the Republic of Montriac, formerly the Archduchy of Montriac and the Principality of Montriac. Montriac is the smallest entity of Cizland, followed by Cizlanda-Valdazúl. The capital city of this entity is the city of Anebrán, the civic capital of Cizland and one of the oldest cities in the nation, even older than Montriac itself. Montriac was annexed to Cizlanda as an entity the April 1st, 2012, along with Czea and Chipitocoland, now Cizlanda-Valdazúl and Patirí. The current Local Minister of Cizlanda is Ysabel Rojas, the former President of Montriac.


Montriac is based in the name of the first nation governed by the Oviedo dynasty, Montblanc. The name of Montriac is the union of two words: Mons, "Mount" in Latin, and Tri, Three. This is originated thanks to the three of the five peaks visible from the highest point in San Carlos, the Bolívar, the Toro and the Espejo.


The entity of Montriac is divided in five districts and twenty-one sectors of its own. It is the smallest entity in Cizland. The capital city is the city of Anebrán. The Legislative Council of Montriac is localized in the capital city, and counts with four deputies of different districts. One of the deputies shall always represent two districts united in coalition.