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Nabil Ihsan

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Nabil Ihsan
Nabil (right, white-uniformed) in 2011, Jumstraad
President of Indokistan
In office
February 2012
December 2012
Predecessor Dicky L. K.
Successor Jendri Mamahit
Tian Abdurrahman
Prime Minister of Indokistan
Assumed office
20 September 2011
Predecessor Position established
Successor Position abolished
Governor of Suwarnakarta
Assumed office
June 2013
Predecessor Position established
Personal information
Born November 14
Citizenship Indokistan
Nationality Indonesia
Residence Suwarnakarta
Religion Islam

Nabil Ihsan is an Indokistani politician contributing in political activities in Indokistan since 2010 until current time. He was the only people to hold the seat of prime minister and the minister of internal and foreign affairs. He was also once an acting president. He currently a governor for the city of Suwarnakarta.

Micronational career

Establishment of Indokistan

Proclamation text written by him

The first people that giving idea to establishing a micronation, his views was supported by Farhan Abdurrahman and Dicky L. K., which was successfully forming the nation of Indokistan. He was the writer of the proclamation of establishment text and become a great contributor for the nation since then, especially after his appointment as prime minister.

Prime Minister Era

After his appointment as prime minister, his first act was to form a parliament and a council of ministers. He once the only Indokistani citizens to having access to outside world, and he also the first Indokistani citizens contributing on Indokistan-related information on MicroWiki. Related by that, he is the journalist for Indokistan News Network and become its main editor.

On his rule, his action often conflicting with the president Farhan Abdurrahman, mainly due to miscommunication, or purely caused by view differences. On the Indokistani conflict between Nameless Nation, he attacked Farhan because he allowed the recognition of Nameless Nation as sovereign, which he later regret his action.

His first period ends just before the 2011 election, but continue again his role as prime minister after the victorious Dicky L. K. appoint him to become a prime minister for second term.

Presidency era

On 15 January 2012, Dicky L. K. suddenly resigned, causing panic inside the government, which forced him to took position as acting president. Shortly after his ascention as president, he took his first important decision, to corm Indonovia, which proved failed later. Under his presidency, he declared the establishment of emergency government, survived until Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam and Bobodolands rejoined Indokistan to established Federal Republic of Indokistan. Formation of the first federation caused him to lost his presidential seat to Jendri Mamahit.

After regained his presidential seat after departure of Jendri Mamahit in December 2012, he declared establishment of provisional government and starting the process of national reform. On this era, he contributed to the reunification of Raflesinesia to Indokistan on February 2013. Presidential election was took place in June 2013, resulting on the victory of Tian Abdurrahman, ended his reign as president, as the new president also started new era of Indokistan, which is the formation of the Federal State of Indokistan.

Political views

A social democrat, he supports a deeper implementation of socialism in Indokistan, once proposing an establishment of socialist "peoples republic". He also supporting direct democracy and political activities without existence of any political party by contributing in the establishment of current, nonpartisan, deliberative assembly of Indokistan, the national forum. In economical fields, he argue that the private sector must be strictly regulated, and the government should hold entire means of production.

He is known to be a supporter of various unification attempts. Establishment of Indonovia and formation of Federal Republic of Indokistan is an example of merge of Indokistan and another micronations, showing his support to unification attempts. A supporter of "Indonesian irredentism", he views that LIR Union was a form of irredentism as first step to become a political union, and on the final state, a total merge between each members.


Awarded by Max Kasbar
Awarded by Danny Zhang
Awarded by Indokistan government
Political offices
Preceded by:
Office Created
Prime Minister of Indokistan
20 September 2010 - 15 February 2012
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Dicky L. K.
President of Indokistan
15 February 2012 - 22 August 2012
Succeeded by:
National Salvation Council
As triumvirate
Preceded by:
Jendri Mamahit
President of Indokistan
December 2012 - 5 July 2013
Succeeded by:
Tian Abdurrahman