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Olympic swimming pool

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The type of swimming pool on which these units are based.

The Olympic swimming pool, sometimes abbreviated to olymp, is used as a unit for several dimensions in Dranoria, adapted from the casual unit of measurement for volume.



1 Olympic swimming pool of length is 50 metres (164 feet).


1 Olympic swimming pool of area is 1250 square metres (13450 square feet).


1 Olympic swimming pool of capacity is 2500000 litres (2500 cubic metres, 660000 gallons).


Calculated from the amount of time it takes light to travel the length of an Olympic swimming pool in a vacuum, 1 Olympic swimming pool of time is 166.78 nanoseconds.

Time in conventional units Approximate time in Olympic swimming pools
1 nanosecond 0.006
1 second 6 million
1 minute 350 million
1 hour 21.5 billion
1 day 518 billion
1 week 3.6 trillion


Calculated from one measure of radioactivity of water, 1 Olympic swimming pool of radioactivity is defined as 4.3×10-43 becquerels per gram.

Hydrogen ion concentration

Calculated from pH 7.6, a typical alkalinity of swimming pool water, 1 Olympic swimming pool of hydrogen ion concentration is 2.5×10-8 M H+.