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Order of the Ladder

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The Ensign of the Order

The Order of the Ladder (Dutch: Orde van de Ladder) is the highest knight order in the Principality of Arkel. This order is very exclusive. There is a maximum of 27 members. Members are appointed for life. New members can only be appointed when there is a place "free".



  • When knights enter the room, everyone who is lower decorated has to stand up.
  • The knights are allowed to put OL in the front of their name, followed by their rank (one letter). An officer will have the title OLO. Grand Officer, Knight Grand Cross and Grand Master all have two letters.
  • Knights - rank not important - are always "Baron of the Ladder".
  • In the knights' coat of arms, they may have the sign of the Order.
  • Nomination is only allowed by the Minister of General Affairs (the PM), the Prince or other members of the Order.


There are seven ranks: Member (Lid) - Knight (Ridder) - Officer (Officier) - Commander (Commandeur) - Grand Officer (Grootofficier) - Knight Grand Cross (Ridder Grootkruis) - Grand Master (Grootmeester). The Prince of Arkel is the Grand Master of the Order


Member: 7 Knight: 6 Officer: 5 Commander: 4 Grand Officer: 3 Knight Grand Cross: 2 Grand Master: 1