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Organisation of Micronational Ambient Protection

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Organisation of Micronational Ambient Protection
Organización de Protección Ambiental Micronacional
Organisation der Micronational Umweltschutz
Organização Micronacional de Proteção Ambiental
OMAP Logo.png

Headquarters Woking City, Dale Republic

Official language English, Spanish, German, Portuguese

Membership 8 Member nations

Secretary General Danny Clarke
Vice-Secretary General Vacant

Foundation June 12, 2011
Official OMAP Official
Facebook official page

The Organisation of Micronational Ambient Protection, OMAP, is a micronational organisation founded with the purpose of raising awareness about the environmental situation of the planet, at a minor micronational level. Founded the 12 of June of 2011, the OMAP was created in Berin by Richard Garrshire, an open ambientalist. Its Secretary General is the President of the Dale Republic, Danny Clarke, and the Vice-Secretary General post is currently vacant.


The OMAP was planed to be found to promote the cause and raising awareness about the environmental situation only in Berin, with the name of ABAP (Agency of Berinese Ambient Protection or in Spanish, APAB), but before founding, the -at that time- Minister of Foreign Affairs, Isabel Rojas, proposed to the Berinese Monarch to found the ABAP as a intermicronational organisation, that will also create indirect diplomatic relations with Berin with other micronations member of the OMAP.

Currently, the OMAP has 7 members and is still planning new ways to raise the environmental situation in micronations. Originally, Stodænna was one of the 8 members until its defunction.


The OMAP has laws, beginning with the signature of the Head of State or of Government in the OMAP treaty, which will include Environmental Protecting, extra constitutional but needly applied.