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Pasargada in Intermicronational Organizations

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Along its history, since 2001, the Free Community of Pasargada has taken active part in many intermicronational organizations, as explained below.

Symbol Title Abrev. Lang. Situation Membership Pas. Emb.
Flag of LoSS.jpg
League of Secessionist States LoSS Unionflag.png Active Nov 2001 Bruno Cava
Micronational Monarchies Organization OML Flag of Brazil.png Active Jun 2009 Rodrigo Mariano
Grand Unified Micronational GUM Unionflag.png Active Aug 2009 Bruno Cava
Flag of UVNO.jpg
United Virtual Nations Organization UVNO Flag of Germany.png Active Aug 2001 Observer
League of Micronations LoM Unionflag.png Extinct 2001-07
Symbol of CL.jpg
Lusophone Commonwealth CL Flag of Brazil.png Extinct 2001-04
Flag of SPUM.gif
Esplendid Microunion of Microstatia SPUM Unionflag.png Extinct 2001-07
Flag of OLAM.gif
Latin-American Micronations Organization OLAM Flag of Brazil.png Extinct 2001-05
Virtual Nations Organization ONV Flag of France.png Extinct 2001-06

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