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Post-Lethler Era

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Post-Lethler Era
August 2010–December 2010

This period began with the departure of Robert Lethler.

Preceded by   Period of Mistrust
Followed by   Post-Freeman Era
Leader(s) Alexander Reinhardt, Donald Sunderland, Pierre d'Égtavie, James von Puchow

The Post-Lethler Era, named after the sudden departure and disgracing of controversial and powerful figure, Robert Lethler, is characterised by a shift away from a unipolar political and intermicronational climate, and towards multipolarity.

The 'Lethler Experiment'

The 'Lethler Experiment' is the name given to the unveiling of Erusia, run by 'Robert Lethler', in a report principally authored by Minister for External Affairs, Gordon Freeman of the MGPRA1 and the A1CSS, but assisted by a number of other micronationalists. In an A1NS article on the 1st August 2010, a report was released detailing the falsehoods of Robert Lethler and Erusia in general, who essentially ran Erusia using sockpuppets, with the entire micronation being a complete fabrication. Sandus was a strong supporter of Erusia at this time.

To this day, only very few people know his true motives, and the final truth may never actually be revealed.

GUM troubles

Following the departure of Sandus and Erusia from the Grand Unified Micronational, many micronationalists believed the GUM to be a spent force. This was recognised by the Acting Chairman, James von Puchow, and it was proposed by the GUM that a merge should occur with the OAM.

Proposed GUM-OAM merge

Although in the past, the OAM and GUM had been at odds with one another, a merge was proposed by Acting Chairman James von Puchow to try to "save" the institution. A number of proposals were put forward by GUM members, such as a proposal to fastrack GUM members' OAM membership applications and establish an agency specifically for GUM members, but all of these proposals were rejected by the Secretariat and the Council of the OAM. Following the decline of activity within the GUM and the rejection of a merger with the OAM, von Puchow unilaterally announced a "dissolution" of the organisation on 20 September 2010 (although his term had by then expired), sending it into dormancy for just under eleven months.

Era End

The Post-Lethler Era ended when Gordon Freeman resigned from the OAM (hich had dominated the era) along with multiple other nations around the time. This occurred following a series of arguments between himself and Sebastiano Von Linden. It saw the temporary downfall of the OAM.

Other Notable Events

  • Atlantis Civil War
  • November 2010 OAM Election