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Prince of Arkel

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Prince of Arkel
Royal Coat of Arms of Arkel
Niels of Arkel

Style: His Serene Majesty
Heir apparent: N/A
First monarch: Maarten I of Arkel
Formation: 01 July 2009-15 October 2012

The Prince of Arkel is the head of state of the Principality of Arkel. Arkel has been administrated as a principality since 01 July 2009. The first prince was Maarten I of Arkel, the second one was inaugurated October 15, 2012: Niels of Arkel. In the law, the Prince is not addressed by name, but rather referred to as His Serene Majesty The Prince of Arkel.


In Chapter 5 of the Constitution of Arkel is the role of the Prince established.

  • Article 5.5: The Prince is inviolable, his ministers are responsible.
  • Article 5.10: The Prince appoints and fires his ministers.
  • Article 5.11: The Prince is commander-in-chief of the army and grants the ranks.
  • Article 5.12: The Prince appoints ambassadors who are in service of the Principality.
  • Article 5.13: The Prince has the right to mint money.
  • Article 5.14: The Prince has the right to grant noble titles.
  • Article 5.15: The Prince grants chevalric and millitary orders and ranks.
  • Article 5.16: The Prince is the highest court (but people have the right to appeal to a judgement by sending a letter to parliament)
  • Article 5.17: The Prince is Speaker of Parliament.