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Principality of Montriac

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Principality of Montriac
Principado de Montriac


Principality of Montriac Flag.pngPrincely Arms of Montriac.png

Olens Hibiscus et ars per vita
Western Venezuela
Capital city Brallisse
Official language(s) Spanish
Demonym Montrésque
Government Constitutional monarchy
- Prince Claudio I
- Prime Minister Never appointed

The Principality of Montriac was a short-lived micronational state in of the Valtir Sector. From February 16 to March 2 of 2012, the Principality had activity and it was consumed when the Kossian Empire formed with the union of Montriac and the Grand Duchy of Koss, forming the Archduchy of Montriac.

The Principality was ruled by Claudio I, Prince of Montriac.

Montriac as an independent principality finally died with the Main Agreement of Union, which annexed it as an Archduchy of the Kossian Empire.