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Air Centrino

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Air Centrino
IMATO code
MIS Code
Founded 7 August 2010 (as The Flying Scotsman)
Current operations 8 June 2012 (Raflesinesia Airlines) 15 April 2013 (Air Centrino)
MOC # 121/476
Bases Sutton Intermicronational Airport
Secondary hubs
Frequent Flyer Program
  • DoMile (Junior)
  • CentrinoMiles
  • SCARmiles (First Class)
Member lounge
  • Faith by Centrino
  • Allure Luxury Lounge
  • Covenant Trails
Alliance IKAV
Subsidiary logos
Fleet size 445
Destinations 376
Slogan Travel Limitless....
Parent company Glouster-Doncaster Transportation, ltd.
Key people Rayhan Haikal
Revenue 2,379,768,227,321$ (Q1 2014)
Operating income 567,721,451,322 $ (Q1 2014)
Net income 910,324,841,550 $ (Q1 2014)

old logo of Air Centrino

Air Centrino (CSNX: ACTR; IMATO code: CT ; MIS code: CTR ; Callsign: Centrum) is the second national airline of Indokistan and the biggest airline in the whole micronational world. This airline was established 7 August 2011 as The Flying Scotsman (IMATO code: HQ ; MIS code: TFS ; Callsign: Scotsman) and FARAWAY (IMATO code: FR ; MIS code: FAR ; Callsign: Fara/Farah/Farren). TFS served normal and charter flights, while FARAWAY served luxury charters.

Air Centrino is the first micronational airline to apply Beats Audio-Entertainment Centrum in every single aircraft. The airline competes directly with Skate Airways.



Air Centrino based on one of the successful Intel processor family, Intel Centrino. Also the name means "center", which geographically marked the Brightonshire area (in the middle). The callsign; Centrum; based on Finnish language of center, Sentrum.


Before the dawn of Raflesinesia, the airline was born with the name The Flying Scotsman. TFS was a monumental success until Rayhan entered micronational world. When Little Britain showed up, TFS was the national airline. While moving onwards as a national airline, Little Britain changes. Afterwards there was a monumental economical withdrawn, then the company nationalized.

Raflesinesia Airlines was born and straight instant success. The airline quickly regain and stabilized after 5 Boeing 737 arrived. When re-unification with Indokistan took place, Raflesinesia Airlines undergo privatization process. After a successful privatization and re-unification, Raflesinesia Airlines officially called Air Centrino.

Current Operation

Today, Air Centrino operates 445 aircraft with 376 destination. Air Centrino officially bought 100.000 stocks from Skate Airways and Minangkabau Airways, 66.420 stocks from Air Petrosian and completely own 170.000 stocks from Rasyidin Airlines. The brand new divisions: Air Centrino Xplore, Shuttle Centrino, Air Centrino Cargo and Foxhound Tour and Travel are in direct management with Air Centrino. There is another division called "YOSSI", which stands for "Yorkshire-Operative Staff Service Interloop" that has a very classified operations. The division only has 3 aircrafts and a blocked MIS code (FWX). Alongside the secret division, Air Centrino has signed Joint Operations with Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten, Donavia, S7 Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Adria Airways, and Scoot.

Now the "secret" division and Joint Operation have been merged to form Caspian by Air Centrino (IMATO: VQ, MIS: CSP, Callsign: Cee Tee)

Fleets and routes


After revitalization, Air Centrino mainly operates 443 aircrafts, 90% of them are turbofan ETOPS aircraft, and 2 helicopters.

Air Centrino Fleet
Aircraft In Service Orders Passengers Notes
F C Y Total
ATR 72–600 7 30 70 70 operated as Air Centrino Xplore
AgustaWestland AW139 2 9 9 9 G-SCAR and VH-KOA (See the Unique Fleets below)
Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 50 78 78 JOps fleet, 25 of them operated as Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten and Donavia
Embraer E-190 E2 5 45 106 106 operated as Air Centrino Xplore
Airbus A300B4-200FF 2 36 164 200 To be phased out mid 2015, "Yaroslavl" became official presidential aircraft
Airbus A300-600R 2 32 173 205 To be phased out mid 2015, both operated by ShuttleCentrino
Airbus A319-200 57 134 134
Airbus A320-200 128 10 140 150
Airbus A320neo 2 276 8 8 122 138 PK-DSF in "Driver San Francisco" livery. PK-JHA is the first JOps A320neo
Airbus A330-200 2 42 215 257 PK-XRG in "Albert Ballin-Dicky Kaligis crossover" livery
2 7 20 215 251 New configuration. Flat bed seats in Faroe Class.
Airbus A340-200 3 30 230 260
2 7 20 205 232 Fiora Class in K4-NIP
Airbus A340-600 2 10 35 350 400 Francis Class in K4-RHW and K4-SLM
Airbus A350-900R 58 67 10 35 265 310
4 15 35 265 315 Faith Class on PK-MED; the rest are Fiora Class.
Airbus A350-1000 135 25 57 287 369 All in Fiora Class
Airbus A380-800 4 50 55 450 555 All in Fiora Class
BAe 146 2 122 122
BAe ATP 2 64 64 One specifically for military use (K4-NVL)
BN Islander 10 9 9 Island to island flights, serves mainly to/from Bora-bora and St. Mary's
BN Trislander 3 16 16 Island to island flights, serves mainly to/from Bora-bora and St. Mary's
Boeing 737-900ER 15 12 162 174
Boeing 737 MAX 8 25 12 150 162 EIS 2017, PK-KTE painted on "Welcoming Mirror's Edge" livery.
Boeing 757-300 7 23 222 243 To be phased out in 2015.
Boeing 777-200LR 32 14 30 270 314 To be phased out in 2020, replaced by Boeing 777-8X.
Boeing 777-200 4 14 30 270 314 To be phased out in 2020, replaced by Boeing 777-8X.
Boeing 777-300ER 18 16 20 350 386 To be phased out in 2025, replaced by Boeing 777-9X.
Boeing 777-8X 20 17 26 310 353 EIS 2017.
Boeing 777-9X 32 17 30 270 360 EIS 2017.
Boeing 787-8 20 35 12 20 210 242 7 grounded of technical issues. PK-XTL in "Nanotenri" livery
Total 445 674

Caspian by Centrino
Aircraft Quantity Registration
Airbus A350-900 1 K4-YNH (to be changed to F6 prefix)
Boeing 737-600W 2 K4-YNA, K4-YNJ (to be changed to F6 prefix)
Boeing 737-800 4 (15 in order) F6-FAA, F6-FAB, F6-FAC, F6-FAD
Airbus A321neo (20 in order)

Retired Fleet

Air Centrino Retired Fleet
Aircraft Quantity Registration
Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador 2 RFG889, RFC453
ATR 42-600 2 RFV900, RFV907
Douglas DC-7C 1 RFR987
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 2 RF-RDS, RF-RSE
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-10 1 N441FS
McDonnell Douglas MD-87 2 RF-RWQ, RF-RWX
Airtec CN-235 1 RF-FTS
Saab 2000 1 RF-SBA
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-10 3 RF-OLI, N114RF, N112RF
Fokker 100 Tay650 2 RF-RNZ, RF-RCA
Dassault Mercure 1 RF-REN
Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 3 5Y-RFL, RF-GMA, F-TCSZ
Embraer E-Jet 190 1 RF-QHA
Bombardier CRJ100 1 C-RFTA
Bombardier CRJ700 1 N369FS
Boeing 737-300 1 RF-RVB

Intermacronational and Macronational Routes

Since the start of the Centrum Business (now part of Foxhound Travels), Air Centrino has 376 Intermacronational and Macronational routes started from/to Sutton Intermicronational Airport respectively, to all 6 continents around the world; overtook Gentoo Airways. Demands came most of them from the passengers out from Indokistan, whom travel a lot to destinations such as Pape'ete, Honolulu, Kona, and Bauerfeld (honeymoon trip); Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York, Miami, London, Newcastle, Glasgow, Paris, Toulouse, Frankfurt, Berlin, Rome, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Moscow, Tokyo, Seoul, Brisbane, and Sydney.

Intermicronational Routes

Joint Operations
Public Service Obligation routes
AIM Members Destinations
Micronation Cities Airports Operative Notes
Los Bay Petros Arutalapura
Bandar Melayu
Otto Von Bismarck Airport
Allevon - Dredim Intermicronational Airport
Adji Rizqi Bayrschtein Intermicronational Airport
Juan Mata Flughafen Vintorei Intermicronational
Bandar Melayu Batanghari Intermicronational Airport
Toulouse-Blagnac International Airport
Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten JOps
Donavia JOps
ShuttleCentrino PSO
Air Centrino
Air Centrino Xplore
HKF and Donavia operated using Air Centrino JOps fleet of Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 aircrafts
Obligation of this route was rendered for ShuttleCentrino only
Air Centrino operates Airbus A350-900R to Alsace, Airbus A319-200 to Bandar Melayu and Bayrschtein and ATR 72-600 to Arutalapura and Faizingrad


First Class

The Centrino First Class system is the luxurious service you can indulge on each Air Centrino international and intermicronational flights. The first class was introduced on December 2012, at the same time of Raflesinesia Airlines recieved the first Boeing 787-8 and the 5th Airbus A340-200. The main focus of Centrino First class: SCARLET Finesse - Sight, Caress, Aroma, Relaxation, Luxury, Entertainment, and Travel Finesse; has been preset to all long trip flights.

Centrino First class divided to 4 seating groups, each represents different set of service packs and seats.

Centrino First Classes
Seat Pack Seat Type Service Pack Service given Available at Notes
Faroe Class Cradle Seats with electronic massage system Centrino Indulgence
Xplore Derringer
Advanced PTV with Beats Solo HD, AVOD and Personal Radio MP3
Indonesian Rijstaffel (Xplore Derringer), American Breakfast Buffet, European Sky Buffet and Japanese Buffet available
On Board immigration, magazines, newspaper.
Airbus A330-200, Airbus A340-200 (except K4-NIP), Airbus A350-900R (with 10 abreast seatings), Boeing 777-200, and Boeing 777-200LR Named after Faroe Island
Faith Class Full Flat beds with electronic massage system Centrino Hyper-Indulgence Advanced PTV with Beats Executive, AVOD with pre-selection of movies and musics, Spotify Music Channel, Take-off/Landing Cam
Indonesian Rijstaffel, American Breakfast Buffet, European Sky Buffet, Japanese Buffet, and SteakLovers! available
Cosplay steward/stewardess
On Board immigration, magazines, newspaper
Games included: Mirror's Edge (reboot), Forza Motorsport 5, Grand Theft Auto V, American Truck Simulator, all HALO Series, Assassin's Creed Black Flag, Madden NFL 25, NCAA Football 2014, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Dragon Age: Inquisition
Free Bird - Lynyrd Skynyrd plays on cruising altitude, Still Alive - Lisa Miskovsky plays on landing roll and taxi
Airbus A350-900R (PK-MED, PK-FTH, PK-THT, PK-NZL), Boeing 737 MAX 8 (PK-KTE), Airbus A320neo (PK-DSF), Boeing 777-8X (dubbed as Faith 8X) Named after Mirror's Edge main heroine, Faith Connors.
Fiora Class Full Flat beds with electronic massage system Centrino Indulgence Advanced PTV with Beats Executive, AVOD with pre-selection of movies and musics, Spotify Music Channel, Take-off/Landing Cam
Indonesian Rijstaffel, Arabian Nights Buffet, Spanish Cuisine, Japanese Buffet, and SteakLovers! available
On Board immigration, magazines, newspaper
Games included: Mirror's Edge (reboot), Forza Motorsport 5, Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield IV, Gran Turismo 6, Assassin's Creed Unity, Madden NFL 25, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Test Drive Unlimited 2
Blackbird - The Beatles plays on cruising altitude, In My Place - Coldplay plays on landing roll and taxi
Airbus A340-200 (K4-NIP), Airbus A350-900R (with abreast 15 seats; except PK-MED, PK-FTH, PK-THT, PK-NZL), Airbus A350-1000, Airbus A380-800, Boeing 777-300ER Named after Rayhan's TDU2 Character, Fiora.
Francis Class Angled-lie seats with electronic massage system Centrino Indulgence Advanced PTV with Beats Executive, AVOD with pre-selection of movies and musics, Spotify Music Channel
Indonesian Rijstaffel, American Breakfast Buffet, British Buffet, Japanese Buffet, and SteakLovers! available
On Board immigration, magazines, newspaper
Games included: Mirror's Edge (reboot), Forza Motorsport 5, Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield IV, Saint's Row IV, Assassin's Creed Unity, Madden NFL 25, Fallout New Vegas
Speed Of Sound - Coldplay plays on cruising altitude, Guns And Horses - Ellie Goulding plays on landing roll and taxi
Airbus A340-600 (K4-RHW, K4-SLM) Named after Francis McReary, one of the characters in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Executive Class

The Executive Class is a seat class under First Class, but delivers the same experience. There are no focus on this class, being replaced by theme instead. The theme: Coronation; delivers almost the same experience like SCARLET to each passengers. The differences with the first class are almost spotless.


Unique Fleets

Air Centrino has a line-up of fleets that have been re-painted from normal livery to retro-liveries. Several new aircrafts still in order line also booked for this special treatment.

Special Names and Liveries
Aircraft/Helicopter EIS Tail Number Livery/Name Notes
ATR 72-600 2013 K4-VMA, K4-VMR Clipper Chaltham
AirHide Two
Based on "Dystopian Theft Auto" Fanfiction works
AgustaWestland AW139 2014 G-SCAR, VH-KOA Scarlett Connors
Faith "Koala" Connors
The G-SCAR painted black, with BMTH mural on the side. VH-KOA painted grey, with doujin mural about Koala
Airbus A300B4-200FF 2010 K4-HVA Yaroslavl Painted with distinctive Indokistani Coat of Arms.
Airbus A320neo 2014 PK-DSF John Tanner Painted yellow on the front section, complete with 2 black stripes. Mimic the Challenger that driven by John Tanner on Driver SF
Airbus A330-200 2011 PK-XRG Dicky Kaligis Painted in the same livery of Albert Ballin aircraft owned by Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzflug.
Airbus A340-200 2010 K4-NIP Nabil Ihsan In white livery, but the vertical wing has Nabil Ihsan's face mural.
Airbus A340-600 2012 K4-RHW, K4-SLM Rayhan "Hansel" Haikal
High Gradient
RHW in flagship livery, with his signature mural on the port side of the fuselage. SLM painted white on the front section, the back end painted mural of a locomotive.
Airbus A350-900R 2014-2017 PK-MED, PK-FTH, PK-THT, PK-NZL Faith
Mirror's Edge
Tahitian Wonder
MED painted in flagship livery, with distinctive Circuit Tattoo and Mirror's Edge logo on the side. FTH will be painted black with red accent, similar to the new outfit for Faith on the trailer. THT and NZL will be painted in Islander livery, with hut hotel mural (Tahitian) and Kiwi bird (Middle-Earth) on the side.
Boeing 737 MAX 8 2019 PK-KTE Kate Painted in dark blue, with CPF badge on the side and "Welcome The New Mirror's Edge" writing.
Boeing 787-8 2013 PK-XTL Nanotenri Painted in normal livery, but with Nanotenri logo on the side.

Accidents and Incidents

  • On June 2010, The Flying Scotsman HQ8887, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q200 suffers a landing gear issue upon landing in Kebon Belakang Airport. The plane landed without nose gear extended. The aircraft was damaged beyond economic repair. No one injured.
  • September 6th, 2013. Air Centrino CT720, an Airbus A300-600 failed to land at London Gatwick airport and diverted to Exeter Airport. The plane landed safely with no injuries. The pilot said that there was a weather issue upon landing at Gatwick, forcing them to land at Exeter.
  • February 11th, 2014. Air Centrino CT5612 (PK-GZR), an Airbus A321-200 was crashed nearby Adisucipto Airport. Investigation has been rolled out, but the predicted cause of the crash is the A/THR error that cause the engine to A/FLOOR. Luckily only one dog and six cats on the ground are killed, 56 people are seriously injured, and 100 people escaped unscave.

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