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Air Centrino

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Air Centrino
IMATO code
MIS Code
Founded 7 August 2010 (as The Flying Scotsman)
Current operations 8 June 2012 (Raflesinesia Airlines) 15 April 2013 (Air Centrino)
MOC 476
Bases Wrexham, Newstiltson, Brightonshire, Cussex
Secondary hubs
Member lounge Central AviaLounge
Alliance IKAV
Subsidiary logos
Fleet size 236
Destinations 232
Slogan Development always Priority
Parent company Glouster-Doncaster Transportation, ltd.
Headquarters Sutton, Cussex, Indokistan
Key people Rayhan Haikal
Revenue 3,328,107,514$ (2013)
Operating income 98,244,789 $ (2013)
Net income 3,229,862,725 $ (2013)
old logo of Air Centrino

Air Centrino (CSNX: ACTR; IMATO code: CT ; MIS code: CTR ; Callsign: Centrum) is the second national airline of Indokistan. This airline was established 7 August 2011 as The Flying Scotsman (IMATO code: HQ ; MIS code: TFS ; Callsign: Scotsman) and FARAWAY (IMATO code: FR ; MIS code: FAR ; Callsign: Fara/Farah/Farren). TFS served normal and charter flights, while FARAWAY served luxury charters.

Air Centrino is the first micronational airline to apply Beats Audio-Entertainment Centrum in every single aircraft.



Air Centrino based on one of the successful Intel processor family, Intel Centrino. Also the name means "center", which geographically marked the Brightonshire area (in the middle). The callsign; Centrum; based on Finnish language of center, Sentrum.


Before the dawn of Raflesinesia, the airline was born with the name The Flying Scotsman. TFS was a monumental success until Rayhan entered micronational world. When Little Britain showed up, TFS was the national airline. While moving onwards as a national airline, Little Britain changes. Afterwards there was a monumental economical withdrawn, then the company nationalized.

Raflesinesia Airlines was born and straight instant success. The airline quickly regain and stabilized after 5 Boeing 737 arrived. When re-unification with Indokistan took place, Raflesinesia Airlines undergo privatization process. After a successful privatization and re-unification, Raflesinesia Airlines officially called Air Centrino.

Current Operation

Today, Air Centrino operates 256 aircraft with 232 destination and 21 charters. Air Centrino officially bought 100.000 stocks from Skate Airways and Minagkabau Airlines, 66.420 stocks from Air Petrosian and completely own 170.000 stocks from Rasyidin Airlines.

Fleets and routes


New Flagship
Islander/Xplore Flagship
Cargo division
Centrino's stock trend

After revitalization, Air Centrino operates 256 aircraft, 75% of them are turbofan ETOPS aircraft

Air Centrino Fleet and Registration (Airline Manager)
Aircraft Notes
Airbus A300 A300B4-276FF (2) and A300-677R (2)
Airbus A318-100 PK-ACV and PK-ACX
Airbus A319-200 (10)
Airbus A319CJ(2) DACOEN has been given to Arkapore,PBJ-1 has been sold. 1 written off
Airbus A320-200 (12)
Airbus A320neo (15) First next-gen Airbus, PK-DSF painted in flagship livery
Airbus A330-200(4)
Airbus A340-200(5)
Airbus A340-500(3)
Airbus A340-600(2)
Airbus A350-900R(63) 29 more have been ordered; K4-YNH, PK-MED, PK-THN, PK-HNL, and PK-LHR painted with flagship livery
Airbus A350-1000 20 on order; PK-HTO, PK-KNA, PK-NZL will be painted on Islander livery
Airbus A380-800(4)
BAe 146 (2) Serves Waverley Airport to Sutton Intermicronational
BAe ATP(2) Serves Waverley Airport to Sutton Intermicronational
BN Islander (10) Serves island to island routes.
BN Trislander (3)
Boeing 737-900ER(15)
Boeing 777-200LR(32)
Boeing 777-200 (4)
Boeing 777-300ER (18)
Boeing 787-8 (20) Five were grounded for battery problems, 2 because of wing-tip crack
Boeing 757-300(7)
Centrum Business fleets
Aircraft Registration Notes
Bombardier Challenger 604 CTR-2
Airbus A319-100CJ(3) NIP, K4-ZAA, DLK
Cessna Citation X(3) CTR-3, CTR-4, CTR-1
Embraer Lineage 1000 CTR-5

Proposed Centrino i3 Fleet

Order of Centrino i3 Fleet
Aircraft Quantity
Airbus A320neo 4
Airbus A321-200 2
Airbus A330 5
Boeing 747-8 5
Airbus A350-900R 4

Retired Fleet

Air Centrino Retired Fleet
Aircraft Quantity Registration
Airspeed AS.57 Ambassador 2 RFG889, RFC453
ATR 42-600 2 RFV900, RFV907
Douglas DC-7C 1 RFR987
McDonnell Douglas MD-80 2 RF-RDS, RF-RSE
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-10 1 N441FS
McDonnell Douglas MD-87 2 RF-RWQ, RF-RWX
Airtec CN-235 1 RF-FTS
Saab 2000 1 RF-SBA
McDonnell Douglas DC-9-10 3 RF-OLI, N114RF, N112RF
Fokker 100 Tay650 2 RF-RNZ, RF-RCA
Dassault Mercure 1 RF-REN
Sukhoi Superjet 100-95 3 5Y-RFL, RF-GMA, F-TCSZ
Embraer E-Jet 190 1 RF-QHA
Bombardier CRJ100 1 C-RFTA
Bombardier CRJ700 1 N369FS
Boeing 737-300 1 RF-RVB

Intermacronational and Macronational Routes

Since the start of the Centrum Business, Air Centrino has 80 Intermacronational and Macronational routes for Example Hummingshire-Exmouth, Jayapura-Ambon etc. For more details, you can contact Rayhan in his userpage.

Intermicronational Routes

City Country IMATO Airport
Bayrschtein Los Bay Petros DRD Adji Rizqi Bayrschtein Intermicronational Airport
Bandar Rasyidin Kingdom of Al Rasyid Darussalam ADR Sam Ratulangi Airport
Kebon Belakang Fiharaya DPS Ngurah Rai Airport
Alsace Los Bay Petros ALC Alsace Intercontinental Airport

To be opened: Xplore

  • Bayrschtein-Pape'ete
  • Bayrschtein-Honolulu
  • Bayrschtein-Easter Island
  • Bayrschtein-Tenerife
  • Bayrschtein-Magadan
  • Bayrschtein-Moscow Vnukovo
  • Bayrschtein-Anchorage
  • Bayrschtein-Al-Majidiyah
  • Sutton-Pape'ete
  • Sutton-Honolulu
  • Sutton-Easter Island
  • Sutton-Tenerife
  • Sutton-Magadan
  • Sutton-Moscow Vnukovo
  • Sutton-Anchorage
  • Westorney-Al-Majidiyah
  • Sutton-Merauke

Unique Fleets

1. K4-NIP (Clipper Primadi)

As the respect to Nabil Ihsan, Air Centrino christened the oldest fleet they have, Airbus A340-200. The aircraft had already change the nametail. First was RF-RXT, then K4-RHW and finally K4-NIP (the K4-RHW still in use, in different type of A340). Currently the aircraft serves Sutton - Edinburgh route and had been on air for more than 2000 hours

2. K4-001 (Clipper Micro)

This is the smallest fleet here, with the capacity of only three persons. Air Centrino decided to restart flight to Cilacap again and starts with this little DA40XL.

3.K4-RHW (Clipper Haikal)and K4-SLM (High Gradient)

As an option for previous order, Air Centrino decided to retrieve the whole option and saked the two with the owner's name and one of the most reliable and extreme locomotive Cussex Railways has to offer.

Today, K4-RHW has been mutated to Air Centrino and both aircraft have been painted with November 2013 livery edition.

4. K4-TAA (Clipper Dacoen)

This classic Short 360 is one of the newest fleet that served one of the most dangerous airport in the world, Courchevel. The link from or to Courchevel has been decided to Ibiza. Because Tian is a huge fan of the island, the aircraft christened as "Dacoen" and the nametail based on him. Now the aircraft has been sold to Air Arkapore

5. K4-TIO (Clipper Artwork)

From the backyard of Newark Provincional Airstrip (Now Fornheim Intermicronational), Rayhan managed to salvage a disused MD-11CF that belongs to Thomas Cook RF Airline before they defunct. Afterwards, Rayhan gave the exact design template of the Douglas to his friend named Handityo, fame for his art. Also Rayhan re-name the nametail to K4-TIO.

6. PK-MED [E9-GFTH](Faith)

Delivered at March 24th, designed to commemorates the newest reboot of Mirror's Edge and named after the heroine, Faith Connors.

7. PK-DSF [E9-GTNR](Tanner)

Delivered at the same time of PK-MED, this brand new A320neo has the distinctive yellow and black stripe from Challenger 440 and named after Driver San Francisco's protagonist, John Tanner.

8. To be Arrived

1. Airbus A350-900R retro livery with nametail K4-YNH 2. Airbus A350-900 retro livery with nametail K4-DGE 3. Airbus A330-200 retro livery with nametail SC-RLT 4. Airbus A350-900R Islander livery with name tail PK-CTN [E9-GTHT]

Accidents and Incidents

  • On June 2010, The Flying Scotsman HQ8887, a Bombardier Dash 8 Q200 suffers a landing gear issue upon landing in Kebon Belakang Airport. The plane landed without nose gear extended. The aircraft was damaged beyond economic repair. No one injured.
  • September 6th, 2013. Air Centrino CT720, an Airbus A300-600 failed to land at London Gatwick airport and diverted to Exeter Airport. The plane landed safely with no injuries. The pilot said that there was a weather issue upon landing at Gatwick, forcing them to land at Exeter.
  • February 11th, 2014. Air Centrino CT5612 (PK-GZR), an Airbus A321-200 was crashed nearby Adisucipto Airport. Investigation has been rolled out, but the predicted cause of the crash is the A/THR error that cause the engine to A/FLOOR. Luckily only one dog and six cats on the ground are killed, 56 people are seriously injured, and 100 people escaped unscave.

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