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Republic of Ohio

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Republic of Ohio
Republic of Ohio Flag.jpg
Capital Dayton

Official languages English

Demonym Ohioan

Government Transitional republic
Transitional Governor Joseph Marx

Legislature Unknown
Seats n/a

– Kingdom 31 May 2008
– Empire 28 August 2008
– Republic 28 November 2010

– Citizens 3
– Residence 11,485,910 (2008 est.)
Currency Amero

National Animal Cardinal

National Sport Baseball

Time zone Eastern: UTC-5/-4

Country code OH (proposed)

Internet TDL .ohe(proposed)

Drives on the Right (proposed)

Government Website

Ohio, officially the Republic of Ohio, was a micronation in North America. The Republic of Ohio was in the state of a transition from empire to a Republic before it became inactive. The Republic spanned the entire United States state of w:Ohio according to the claims of its leaders, although the majority of the population in this area were not citizens of the Republic. The capital city was Beavercreek. Ohio was a former member of the Grand Unified Micronational and the Triune Alliance. Ohio was also a member of the North American Micronational Culture Organization. On November 28, 2010, the Emperor abdicated and the Empire became a republic and state within the North American Confederation. Since, Ohio has gone inactive as a micronation.


United American Kingdom

The United American Kingdom was started on May 31st, 2008. It was started after Joseph Marx read an article on the Kingdom of Molossia and the Kingdom of Sealand. He then got a group of his friends together and founded the United American Kingdom. This nation was mostly just for fun, although as it developed, it became something more. It was then reformed into the Ohio River Republic.

Ohio River Republic

On June 22, 2008, the United American Kingdom was renamed the Ohio River Republic. It still retained the same general government system. With the then King Joseph I, leader. However, as it developed it also started to stagnate mostly as a result of the inactiviy of its members and its joking appearance. King Joseph sought to reform it, to make it better than before. He then created the Ohio Empire and named himself Emperor Malum I.


The Empire was called a Moralistic Absolute Monarchy prior to the emperor's abdication. This meant that the Emperor could make the laws necessary to protect the people as long as they remain under the moral constitution called The Universal Rights of Man. The state was in a state of transition to a republic at the time of inactivity.

Universal Rights of Man

These moral codes were created to limit the power of the monarchy and to protect the citizens of the Ohio Empire from future emperors. These codes are above the emperor and set the basis for equal balance power between the Emperor and the Citizens.

1. These rights are eternal and cannot be taken by any citizen of the state including the Emperor.

2. If any right is wished to be added by a majority of the citizens it will be turned into a new moral code.

3.The citizens have the right of indiviuality. This includes free religion, speech, assembly, and press.

4. No citizen may be held without a charge for more than 24 hours.

5. No Emperor may ever establish a death penalty.

6. No citizen shall be denied rights on the account of age, sex, religion, or race.

7. The citizens have the obligation to remove an emperor from power if he tries to deny any one of the rights included above.

8. A person convicted of a crime cannot be sent twice for the same crime. Also, all convicted must stand trial by a jury. The jury shall include the Emperor as well as a citizen chosen by a lottery.


The empire claimed that all people within the boundaries of Ohio were citizens of the Empire, simply non-active. The Empire required that non-active citizens apply for an "active" position with the emperor prior to receiving a work license. This was not often enforced.

Official Holidays

January 8th was Emperor Norton Day

August 28th was the Ohio Empires Independence Day.

September 11th was Patriot's Day

November 5th was Constitution Day.

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