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Royal Pryze

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The Royal Pryze is an award given by the Kyng or Queen of the Slinky Empyre to people who have made outstanding achievements for the Slinky Empyre and micronational community.

Kyng Fyrst (2008-)

recipient image date achievement
link={{{2}}} citizens of Hayland Department RoyalPryze01.png July 1, 2010 "outstandyng accomplishments improvyng Hayland Department and the Slinky Empyre"


Slinky Empyre

diplomacy, Kyng, Parliament

education, tourism, treasury

Saint Rychard Dept., Herway Dept., Eastvale Dept., Llabdey Dept., Tyncomarus Dept.,
Hookwood Dept., Amono Dept., Lookout Dept., Hayland Dept.,
Sarenai Dept., Tergumterra Dept., Sumac Dept., Iyabi Dept.

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