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Reiale - pp
RoyaleFlag copy.png
Headquarters Arceu, Koss
Established 2011
President Lucas Campos
Central bank of Austral Union
Currency Austral Franc

The Royale is the official bank of the Austral Economical Union. The Intermicronational Bank is responsible for printing the Austral franc in all nations part of the UNECAUS.The Royale is lead by Lucas Campos.


The Royale was originally found as the State Bank of Koss on November 26th, 2011. At that time, it was responsible for printing the Nemkhav Mark within the borders of Koss. On January 15th, Koss secceed from the Nemkhav Federation and the Grand Duke promoted the state bank to the national bank. On February 15th, Montriac and Koss created the Austral Economical Union promoting the Royale to an intermicronational bank status.