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City of Rulon

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Rulon is the capital city of the Kossian Province of Montosh. It is located in and around a house in Montreal,Canada.


On August 18th, 10 days after the creation of the Empire, The Montosh Senate passed a law that established Rulon as the capital city and that government activities would be based there. After Montosh was disestablished, it was aswell until it became the capital of the Kossian Province of Montosh.


There is currently 1 citizen of Rulon.


  • Male:1
  • Female:0


  • 0-8: 0
  • 9-13: 1
  • 14-21: 0
  • 22-39: 0
  • 40-65: 2
  • 66-99: 0
  • 100+: 0


  • Atheist:1

Country of origin

  • Canada:1

Languages Spoken

  • English: 1
  • French: 1

Military service

  • None: 1


There were two Senate seats in the city of Rulon. The two seats represented the East Rulon Electorial District(Held by Prime Minister Joshua Everson of the National Party before dissolution) and the West Rulon Distric(Held by Sarah Everson of the Democratic Party before dissolution). Both seats were occupied by the two party leaders before dissolution.


Rulon was the busiest city in Montosh, being the center of Government. The Parliament Building was open to all citizens. Attractions included the Parliament building, The annual Montosh Classic Games tournament and the Rulon National Park.