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Silvia Soares

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Silvia Soares
Portrait of Silvia Soares.jpg
Deputy Prime-Minister of Pasargada
Personal information
Born: Feb 23, 1989 (aged 21)
Birthplace: Palmeira dos Índios, AL (Brazil)
Residence: Maceió, AL (Brazil)
Active since: Feb 2009
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Pasargada (2009-)
Political Party: Pasargadan Heart
Contact: aivlisas@gmail.com

Sílvia Soares is a micronationalist and Deputy Prime-Minister of the Free Community of Pasargada, known for her peaceful and sober political activity.

She was iniatiated in micronationalism as Pasargadan, in february 2009, entering the Canton of Cenit and, later, Pasargadan Heart House (CorPas).

With the surprising rise of CorPas, in 2009 may elections, she was appointed "second-in-command" by veteran Pasargadan José Luiz Borrás. Informally called "vice-premier", she is responsible for handling political puzzles and unsettled sensitive issues

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