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Siroccan Libertarian Party

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Siroccan Libertarian Party
President Nicholas Woode-Smith
Founded June 9, 2012
Split from Siroccan Federal Party
Headquarters 1 Shogun Wei,
Tre'wei, Zageta
Ideology Libertarianism
Classical liberalism
Political position Right-wing
International affiliation League of Capitalists
Official colors Gold
Seats in the Executive
3 / 14
Provincial governments
3 / 12

The Siroccan Libertarian Party (SLP, commonly known as the "Libs") is a political party in the Federal Commonwealth of Sirocco that adheres to the principles of libertarianism and classical liberalism. It is led by Nicholas Woode-Smith and was founded on June 9, 2012. It is the second-largest party in Sirocco with three seats in the national legislature, the Siroccan Executive and the control of three provincial governments and is the primary opposition to the Siroccan Federal Party. Its current party leader is founder Nicholas Woode-Smith.

The party regards itself as a representative of more libertarian interests in Sirocco. Currently the Libertarians hold the three Zonian seats in the Executive and is the governing party of the Chai, Konson and Zageta provinces.