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Social Democratic Alliance (Francisville)

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Social Democratic Alliance of Francisville
Leader Dr. Sir James K. von Puchow, KHJ et al
International co-ordinator
Founded 2 April 2012
Headquarters Sycamore Booker, Landashir
Membership 2
Ideology Social democracy, social libertarianism, democratisation, pro-welfare state, decentralisation, pacifism, anti-capitalism, environmentalism.
National affiliation Federal Republic of Francisville (formerly Empire of Austenasia)

The Social Democratic Alliance of Francisville (formerly of Austenasia), often abbreviated to the SDA, is a political party in the Federal Republic of Francisville] which aims to advance the principles of social libertarianism and democracy. Founded in the Empire of Austenasia, it "migrated" to Francisville on 25 August 2012. Its current leader is Dr. Sir James von Puchow, the founder of the party.


The party was founded on 2 April 2012 by James von Puchow, becoming the second party to be registered in the Empire of Austenasia. von Puchow moved the party to Francisville on 25 August 2012.

Timeline of SDA Leaders

Picture Name Term start Term end Notes
100px Dr. Sir James K. von Puchow, KHJ et al 2 April 2012 Incumbent Founder of the party. Moved the party from Austenasia to Francisville on 25 August 2012.