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Supreme Council of Czea

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Supreme Council
Consejo Supremo (es)
Ia Legislatura
National Seal of Czea.png
Type Bicameral legislature
Houses People's Congress (upper)
National Assembly (lower)
First Secretary Richard Garrshire, SUP
Members 10
Czea 2012A People's Congress.png
People's Congress political groups      SUP (6)
Czea 2012A National Assembly.png
National Assembly political groups      SUP (2)
     PCD (2)

The Supreme Council (Spanish: Consejo Supremo), also known by its acronym CSC (Consejo Supremo Czea) and officially the Supreme Council of the People's Power of the Democratic People's Republic of Czea is the supreme bicameral legislature of the Democratic People's Republic of Czea. Counts of two houses, the upper People's Congress with six congressmen and one party and the National Assembly with four deputies and two parties, being the majority party the SUP. The National Assembly members are elected for a term of two years, while the congressmen/women of the People's Congress are elected for four-year terms.



The Supreme Council is made up of two chambers, each with almost equal legislative powers, with members elected for four-year terms:

  • The People's Congress, the upper legislature and main legislative organ. Only SUP congressmen are allowed. It represents the districts and regions of Czea.
  • The National Assembly, the lower legislature and secondary legislative organ. Members of all parties are allowed, but has less power than the People's Congress. It represents the different Czean political parties

It consists with a total of 10 members, congressmen and deputies, 6 for the People's Congress and 4 for the National Assembly.


As the Supreme Council has two houses for two different purposes, two completely different systems shall be used. The two systems are strongly related between each other.

People's Congress

The elections are held in electorates in each district of Czea, and to keep it ordered, every electorate opens vote by its number. If, for example, elections are to be open the October 20th, then Bál would elect its congressman that day, followed by I de San Marco the next day (October 21), II de Altamar the following (October 22), III de Sur del Cielo the following (October 23), IV de Valterracota the following (October 24) and finally V de Altamira the October 25th.

National Assembly

The elections are conducted by the People's Congress, that elects a member for each party, and, in case that there are more than two parties, two assemblymen must be of the Socialist Unity Party and two of other parties. If there are more than four parties in election, then more seats shall be added to the National Assembly in order to represent all political parties in the lower legislature. In case the number of seats is par and the number of parties is not, then the majority must be hold by the SUP.