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Province of Travenoraș
Provinsi Travenoraș
—  Departement of Indokistan  —
Location of Travenoraș
Province Bendera Indokistan Tengah.png Central Indokistan
Capital Jumstraad
 - Governor Ali Akbar
 - Total .95 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
Population (2011 census)
 - Total 15
Demonym Indokistani
Time zone WIB (w:UTC+7)

Travenoraș, officially known as Province of Travenoraș (Departemen Travenoraș. Writtable "Travenoras", without "ș"), previously Suyaj-Ardab, is a province in Indokistani state of Central Indokistan. It was located in the Jakarta, Indonesia, and contains of 3 municipalities.

This province has recognizes as the most important in Indokistan on historical and economical reasons, since the former capital city of Indokistan, Jumstraad, were located on this province.


The departement was actually named Suyaj-Ardab, from its establishment until June 2011, before it changes name to Travenoraș due of the bad meaning of the name. Travenoras came from 3 words; "Treffen-Avenue", which means "meeting place", and Romanian suffix "-oraș", means "city".

It established after a decision from the parliament to unite all cities located in the current Travenoraș as one province, after the first entry of Bobodolands Barakstan to Indokistan.

Administrative divisions

The departement was divided into 3 municipalities;


The municipality of Jumstraad are become the most important city in Indokistan, since it serves as the capital city for the province and for Indokistan. The central governmental building are located on the city, it also serves to become the host to the Bolshoiskii Parliament meetings.


It become the smallest city in Travenoraș, since its size were one third of the city of Trastraad. The famous Flastraad Square is located on this city, and few governmental offices, including few embassies, located on this city.


The second-largest city in Travenoraș. On the city, there is the central building of Indokistan Technology Development Center and the Trastraad Square.