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Technological Federation of Erephisia

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The Technological Federation of Erephisia
Tfoeflag.pngCoat of arms of Erephisia.png

Alles Ändern (Change Everything)
"Villa Volta"

Capital city 47, Arborough
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Atheism
Demonym Erephisian
Government Valvocracy
- Curator Billy Neil
Established February 2002 (March 2010 as Erephisia)
Population 4
Currency Erephisian Graaff
Time zone GMT
National drink Varies
National animal Varies

Main Website

The Technological Federation of Erephisia (commonly known as Erephisia (pronounced: eh-reh-fee-zee-yuh) or T.F.o.E.) is a micronation, culturally Steampunkian, based mainly in the Greater Manchester area in the north-west of the United Kingdom. Erephisia is a leading nation in the field of media, being the home of a band and a broadcaster. The project has been in existence since 2002 and has undergone many incarnations before being established as Erephisia on March 2, 2010.


The name 'Erephisia' comes from an anagram of the word 'sphere', corrupted to make it sound more like a country name, akin to 'Erauqs' which Billy Neil was going to name his country again, but Duchess Nicola Neil didn't like the name so President Neil had to change it.

Erephisia's former motto, 'Devise, Invent, Design, Create', signifies Erephisia's (intentionally) ingenious and scientific nature. Originally, the motto of Erephisia was just "Design, Invent, Create" omitting the word 'Devise' and having the words in an alternate order. Erephisia's new motto, 'Alles Andern', german for 'Change Everything' reflects Erephisia's goals into the changing the functionins of the micronational world.


The first sign of micronational leaning from Erephisian founder Billy Neil was the establishment of a simulationist national project in 1996, Cactus Town. The city-state was mainly built out of LEGO, and lasted for a total of a month before it was physically destroyed.

Although originally the first incarnation of Erephisia was stated as The Republic of Orbis, its true roots stretch back to Billy Neil's first true micronation, Neil Island. The micronation, founded in February
Part of the original Neil Island, located in Charlestown, Manchester, UK
2002, located in Charlestown, Manchester worked on a semi-virtual scale and had a population of 5, with Neil as it's monarch. The micronation lasted the longest period of any of Neil's micronations so far, lasting from February 2002 to May 2005, over three years.

One of the citizens of Neil Island was Thomas Bainbridge, future president of Orbis and the Democratic Republic of Longarnia, whom assisted in the running of Neil Island, opening a coke/clay mine, an archeological society and a film production company.

Neil Island also went through several names and stages of growth, being alternately named The MD, Jimstein and, interestingly, Erauqs. Similarly it's capital was named Hauptstadt, a further foreshadowing of events to occur.

After Neil Island was completely dissolved, Erephisia began a new existence Republic of Orbis on June 7, 2005 with the eleven-year-old Thomas Bainbridge as its President and his friend Billy Neil as its Prime Minister. However due to a lack of interest, Neil seceded two days later and Orbis collapsed soon afterwards on the 15th of June of the same year.

Bainbridge attempted to reform Orbis in several different guises, but failed to do so until his late secondary school years, at which point he began working to form a micronation that would eventually be Longarnia.

On August 18, 2008, Neil devised and created the Kingdom of Erauqs (Erauqs being an anagram of square) with himself as Monarch, but Erauqs met the same fate as Orbis, collapsing on October 5. Erauqs had the greatest advancement to time ratio of any of Neil's micronations, going as far as opening a bank and a casino. Erauqs was located in the space that is now occupied by the region of Sedna, although Erauqs was far smaller then present day Sedna. Erauqs was a kingdom in name, but de facto, it was a political and governmental system more closely related anarchy.

On the 2nd March 2010, Neil created Erephisia as a coalition of the micronations of Sedna, Kraft, Vox, Jean and Quarto. Erephisia is a small micronation, only being based in different houses in the Greater Manchester area. Erephisia celebrated its independence day on June the 8th and underwent reforms on October the 2nd. Erephisia switched from a federal monarchy to a federal republic, with Billy Neil abandoning the title 'Doctor' for 'President'. It was one of Neil's hope to expand the nation, possibly recruiting citizens from college and universities. Erephisia did expand, both with population and territory, after merging with Kingdom of Smegola, Smegola became a Region of Erephisia still under control of its former monarch, Ryan Thomson.

After its first anniversary, Erephisia began to grow rapidly, with the region of Quarto acquiring up to 20 Citizens. The increased internal activity in Erephisia lead to the growth of both a functioning Erephisian government and an increased operating culture.

Erephisia has continued to grow in size and popularity, and has succesfully completed an election. The elected president, Sebastian Linden, remained in the position for a month, resigning in April 2012 with Billy Neil regaining his position as President and outsourced citizen, Kossian founder Lucas Campos, taking place as Acting Vice President. Linden remained in Erephisia as advisor to the presidium. After this time the Erephisian government decided to remove a large portion of unneeded territory (comprising about 10 of Erephisia's former 15 regions) from Erephisia, as well as the Virtual Erephisian regions. Erephisia successfully performed Elections in September/October 2012, ending with Kuri Kabanov being voted in as Sixth President of Erephisia. Erephisia also adopted constitutional amendments during this time.

Government and politics

The Erephisian government is comprised of a president, a vice president, a prime minister and the ministerial cabinet. The Ministers of the cabinet act as decision makers and advisors to the president and vice president in relation to the creation of laws and general activities in Erephisia.

Erephisia is a technocratic federation, with each of the governmental positions being filled by appointment from the president and, possibly, the vice president and the prime minister in oppose to being voted in. The criteria for gaining a governmental position is quite simple: be the best person for the job. Government members usually have top be registered citizens of Erephisia, who have previously completed an aptitude test for their preferred governmental position. All of Erephisia's current government have been appointed in this way, however the Erephisian citizens are informed and a mutual agreement will be reached between the government and the citizens before the position in question is officially filled. Citizens can inform the president if they are unhappy with the appointment and progress of an elected minister, and, if enough complaints are gained, the current minister will be removed and replaced with an either pre-discussed or mutually agreeable alternative. Erephisia is divided into 15 different 'Regions' which are each overseen by the Ministers and the President.

List of cabinets

Number President Vice President Prime Minister
1 Billy Neil n/a n/a
2 Arthur Mortimer n/a n/a
3 Billy Neil Mohammed Camara Edgar Da Silva
4 Sebastian Linden/Billy Neil Billy Neil/Lucas Campos Jack Leach
5 Billy Neil Kuri Kabanov Joe Puglisi
6 Kuri Kabanov Arthur Lobão Jack Leach(?)

Foreign relations

Recognised nations

Recognised nations with relations

(Note: nations in bold indicate a treaty as been signed or an alliance has been formed)



Whilst Erephisia formerly had an award in the form of the Grey Circle said award has been disbanded since Erephisia's 2013 reset.

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