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Trastraad City
Kota Trastraad
Name Trastraad
Micronation Republic of Indokistan
Established 22 January 2011
Population 3
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Leader(s) Badra Shidqi
Divisions {{{divisions}}}

The city of Trastraad (Kota Trastraad) is one of three cities in Indokistan that establish as the afermath of January Revolution. Trastraad is the second largest city in Indokistan after Jumstraad and before Flastraad, this city also became the headquarters of Indokistan Technology Development Center and INTELIN, the intelligence agency of Indokistan.


The city of Trastraad was established in January 22nd, after Farhan Abdurrahman accept the proposal to divide Indokistan mainland into 3 cities, and the Trastraad is one of the cities.

Because Trastraad is the third city that established, the Tras word were came from word Third.


The city of Trastraad is the second largest city in Indokistan, this city also having the largest building, but not the tallest building in Indokistan, is the Central building for Indokistan Technology Development Center and headquarters of INTELIN. The Trastraad Square, the largest football field in Indokistan, also located in this city.