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Un-iversity of Optima

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Un-iversity of Optima
The letters ‘U’ and ‘O’.
Logo of the Un-iversity
Motto Qualitas educationem-stilo servitia rationabili pretium!
Motto in English Quality learning-style services at reasonable prices!
Established 2009 (2009)
Type Research
Chairman Jeremy Oakes
Vice-Chancellor Jacaranda Pickenloft
Location Prima, Prima, Optima
School colours Red and blue         
Incorporating the Prima Conservateria

The Un-iversity of Optima (/ən.ˈaɪ.vɜːs.ɪ.ti/) is a research university in Prima. It has a role more akin to the Australian CSIRO than a university, performing research and development, as well as providing information to the government of Optima, the DBG, and paying private concerns.



The Un-iversity was established in June 2009 as a public university offering Bachelor’s degrees in Arts and Music, as well as conducting some research.


Prima Conservateria of Music

The Prima Conservateria of Music is the Un-iversity's school of music study.

Prima Literary Superdrome

The Prima Literary Superdrome is a performing organisation operated by the Un-iversity. It is named after the original site where it performed, next to Old Parliament Shed.

Café Prima

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