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University of Los Bay Petros

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Los Bay Petrosian National University
Universitas Nasional Los Bay Petros
Emblem of LNU
Motto:: Scientia, Veritas, Lorem ipsum dolor

(English): Knowledge, Truthfulness, Creativity

Established July 13th 2011
Type Flagship State University
Students graduated 0
Minister of Education Abdi Rizky Muharram
Rector Adji Rizqi
General information
Location Labstadt
Colors      Grey
Mascot N/A

University of Los Bay Petros or Los Bay Petrosian National University is a state-owned university in Los Bay Petros. The university idea was firstly proposed by the current prime minister of Los Bay Petros, Adji Rizqi and the proposal was finnaly signed on July 13th 2011.

The university is located in Labstadt.