Woodland Patchwork

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Woodland Patchwork
Flag of Woodland Patchwork.png
Flag of Woodland Patchwork

From the forest, Freedom
Map of Woodland Patchwork.png
Woodland Patchwork within Japan - Territory marked in Red, Orange and Yellow
Official language(s) Japanese, English, Woodlandic (de facto, unofficial)
Short name The Patch
Demonym Woodlander
Government Governed by the Laws of the Universe and Freethought.
Established 23 October 2013
Area claimed ~2.5 million acres/10,117 km2 (non-contiguous)
Population 5
Currency Bitcoin
Time zone WST

Woodland Patchwork, also known as The Patch, is a micronation on the Japanese archipelago. The Patch identifies itself as a "sovereign, independent micronation", a "nature-based territorial micronation" and as a "new nation project". It is an enclave and exclave micronation, consisting of multiple non-contiguous patches of land: in total, an area of 2.5 million acres. Its first established mountain hamlet, Yakozue, a famous snowy and inaccessible refuge for other Woodlanders, is located on the east side of the Hida Mountains in Shinshū.

History and Territory

Yakozue and its environs

Founded on the Japanese archipelago, The Patch declared independence from Japan on October 23rd, 2013. This occurred after the founder, Hideyuki Yoshida, in an important and remarkable land-grab, had for 20 years laid legal claim to 2.5 million acres of abandoned woodlands via Japanese acquisitive prescription (取得時効), which is the Japanese equivalent of common law adverse possession. Yoshida then acquired legal ownership by self-prescription and proclaimed the land a new micronation, founding Woodland Patchwork.

At present Woodland Patchwork claims a total area of 2,500,000 acres, of 10,117km2, in non-contiguous patches stretching the length of the Japanese archipelago.

Climate and Geography

Deer grazing in Sen County

The weather and climate, as well as the plant and animal life distributed in The Patch, are greatly affected by the surrounding sea. Due to abundant rainfall and a mild maritime climate, a wealth of greenery grows throughout The Patch.

Forest areas cover roughly 80% of the total land area and agricultural lands cover 20%.

Because of the mountainous topography of The Patch, a large part of it still remains covered with beautiful primary and secondary forests, colorful alpine flowers, lucid streams, and white sandy beaches.



Woodland Patchwork is governed by the Laws of the Universe and Freethought.

Patchwork Counties

Woodland Patchwork is united by 7 counties that each have a form of autonomy. The leader or leaders of a Country are the Count Chiefs. Count Chiefs form the house of Counts in the Patchwork government.

County Number Capital
Izanagi 01 Yakozue
Owari 02 Kitamajima
Tsumagoi 03 Muika
Kanata 04 Kamichi
Sen 05 Sabae
Raidon 06 Iya
Nanzan 07 Kumanosu

Micronational Currency

Woodland Patchwork retains the distinguished honor of being the first micronation ever to adopt bitcoin as its official micronational currency. At present, with bitcoin mining operations occurring micronation-wide, The Patch is quickly becoming the richest bitcoin-based micronation in the World.